Making love with the rain… A different perspective on “black clouds”

Never again shall I be the same

Having made love with the pouring rain

The intimate feel of the drops on my face

The love of my sadness, took away my disgrace

As it drenched my body and soaked my hair

Its love embraced my total despair

The feeling I felt I have felt before

Many times with many Queens some four score

The love that I felt when tears we shed

Some of the most golden of life’s precious thread

Gifts of such giving from their loving Hearts

Are as the raindrops from the heavens

Making love to me when I was in such need

The Rain it is honored with the same gift

For the love I made when I shared mine with it

The light it shines in clouds of Black or Gray

Embrace the light and it will love your clouds away

I have shared many thoughts and feelings about many a dark time and many black clouds have shadowed me at times. Love is the one companion I always have, My love life has had many loving treasures and many treasures I have for eternity. At times I forget when feeling so lonely for a physical mate, that I have the most loving mate of all inside me. My love the love I share with all I encounter the Earth,Sun,Sky,Water,energy of all kinds and the most important of all the love at my core shared with my Maker and lived by the Example of my Lord. The flowers I smell and the beauty of a rock held in my hand from my last trip to the beach fill my heart with love and gratitude for being able to share those things, with all who have touched my heart.I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of my thoughts and feelings.The Black Clouds, have changed in my perspective and I love them so, they are clouds of love helping me grow and inspiring me to reach with my heart and share the light. Love! Please share a smile and some love be the change positive and change our world in a positive way.Thank you again for allowing me to share my thoughts and some love.


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