The evolution of I

A glowing metal so hot almost white, yellow, orange, gold culminating at its peak in a brilliant blue its core pure white shining through

Beaten, hammered with hammer and anvil shaped and folded heated and formed forged in the way’s of old to weather the storms dark

The chips and the chinks received over the course of time Sharpened after each battle fought retaining its edge now grown fine reflecting opaque with a gray like hew

The fires of old just memories now their furnaces cold a brilliant fire burns in their stead

The mending done in the furnace so bright the hammer and anvil held in the hands of the divine thunderous ringing to the very core

Hardened and tempered the gift made anew the gift that was given brilliant and blue white at its core a gift so precious and true the gift of love he shares with me and you

I share one more about my core as I live and learn having weathered many storms that when you seek change it will happen. When you don’t seek change it will happen. As it is inevitably going to happen I hope you choose positive change and grow. I thank you for your time and allowing me to share  thought or two. Those that shaped my life in my younger years were strong and bold, those that I loved in my middle years were of love and could see my soul, the new Era in my life sees a start in the world of my maker choosing to grow, learn, love and evolve. I hope we all can share a smile share the love and be change positive in action.Thank you again for allowing me to share.

Windows of Blue and Gold

My Beautiful eyes of blue and gold

Revealing windows into my soul

The random patterns as random as me

My light and my darkness for all to see

The colors were chosen by God above

For you to look into and see his love

Blue and gold are not what matters

The gift lies in the heavenly patterns

Chosen for life to be lived with love

A heavenly gift from our maker above

With them I can see the beauty he gave to you and me

The oceans the mountains the sky and the trees

Heavens stars and the galaxies

All of the precious things that I see

The most beautiful of all my soul should be

Ugly and dark surrounds my core

Looking and trying to settle it’s score

My core its brightness will usually win

My soul it shines through the dark so bright

Thank you my maker for the gift of sight

Love is the greatest power in the Universe, often we don’t see it for we don’t open our eye’s, we don’t hear the message for we only see the messenger. I see love best with my heart open and my eye’s closed the same way I smell a rose. I hope we can all share a smile and some love the catalyst of positive change. Open the widows to your soul and let the light of love shine. Thank you for taking the time to stop and allow me to share some thoughts, feelings and a poem this time that I share writing them takes away my despair.Thank you please smile love and be the change positive!