Reveling in my heart ache.

Here I sit in silent revelry

Cherishing loving memories

Ones of the heartfelt Love that you Gave

I will take with me beyond the grave

Your smile in the sunset so amazing to me

A light in the sad darkness a beauty to see

Bringing music so soft and sweet

The melody knocking me off of my feet

I sit in my silent prison like shell

Looking out at what feels like hell

Wishing to live in my memory

As I am in silent revelry

I thank you for stopping by and reading my posts.It is my thought that perhaps as my heart tries to mend that I should allow a glimpse in my world for my friends that may wonder what is my frame of mind and why. I hurt very deeply yet as it is a hurt of the heart and my own doing I must accept the position I am now in. As much as the tears flow the love grows and my memories become more valuable. Love adds the Value and the gratitude for the love shared. My latest is the most precious by far of my romantic loves and the hurt far deeper than any other. Ours was one of love yet filled with many factors outside of just the two of us. My strength was not nor was hers apparently capable of surviving a couple of more years when we could be just us. Perhaps the magic of love will undo the wrong however now it just hurts and rather than succumb to the pain I choose to revel in the beautiful memory. I will always cherish the love given by a Queen of my Heart Vicky the first Lady to love and melt my cold heart. Thank you Vicky.I also thank you for taking the time and allowing me to share a thought or two and ask that you share a smile, share your love and be the change positive.


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