Not the one.

My knees on the ground my face in the dirt

The pain in my heart just gets worse

Every time easier it should be

Not for a simple man like me

Humbled even more as each love I found

Crumples me up and throws me down

In front of the well I am thirsty and parched

As the ladle is missing and the bucket gone

The Rope that once held them no longer there

As if they had vanished into thin air

I kneel and I wish I could just drink for my soul is on fire

Water it will not squelch the flames

The burning of my heart felt shame

I want and I need what I got not worthy of love given and got

I pause and look in my soul and realize for me it is all I have

The pain I am feeling the gift lets me know my loss is real

Even my friend time can not heal the damage done

By my not being the one

Jb 11/8/2011


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