What is at your core? A force more powerful that you can Imagine!

Inspiration is a gift that we all should embrace, inspiration from our children is a treasure. My children are very much A part of my being as they, other than one I have yet to meet are the ones that teach me the most especially about my self.

My son Dennis although not mine by birth he is my son and honors me in a way that truly shares his feelings. When he and I go out he introduces me as his dad, a title he believes in his heart I deserve. I am honored by such especially after the very toxic divorce his mom and I went through. Today we chatted for a couple of hours as I was inspired to call and tell him I loved and missed him.

He had a particular issue that he was bothered with and was happy I called as he was going to call and ask my opinion of his quandary. He installs Hardwood floors a very hard job physically and very time consuming. He is a very conscientious worker and person, he had done a job at a house with a product he was unfamiliar with. He contacted the manufacturer and worked with their representative his employer and his methods were sound.

A month later his boss had not paid him for the job that took a week to do and now there is a problem at the house he did the work in. The factory takes no responsibility nor does his boss, he now must make a choice between doing the right thing for the homeowners and his heart knowing he will do two weeks of work for free or drawing the line with his boss losing his job and suffering while he looks for work and possibly having his kids go hungry even becoming homeless if things really got bad.

I shared my thought even though had I gone deeper and chose what I would do I would have seen how much he is like me. I suggested he explain to his customer his dilemma and let them know he could not afford to take such loss financially. They in turn could confront his boss about his greed and his lack of responsibility. There by adding pressure to his boss to do the right thing. He amazed me and I am inspired by his response and his strength and courage. His response was “ You would do the right thing and fix the problem for those people I will do the right thing and fix it. They did not cause any of this and they have been very patient worked hard for the money they paid for a work that I did. They don’t deserve any less than me doing the right thing regardless  of any other taking responsibility I will, it is the right thing.

I am humbled and proud of that young man, we shared a thought or two and I explained my feeling as to his choice. I shared with him that his act of doing the right thing has many rewards that go with it. It is a selfless act of love on many levels and a true treasure for all who share in it. I share in it and thousands of miles away and I treasure it. His next question however was a true gift and inspiration on a new level for me. He asked “how do I get to know my true self, where do I start?” Honor and love filled my heart that he would choose to ask such a question of me.

My response was quite long yet sums up quite simply, ask yourself what is in your very core. The answer for all who dig deep is the same universally across religion, no religion, race, location wealth or poverty.


If you look at your faults, embrace and love them if you look at your “sins” and embrace them acknowledge them and love yourself even if you were weak and committed them you are finding your true self. The funny thing I told him about starting and actually applying that in your heart is that love has the same effect as an atomic bomb on your ego and your guilt as well as your hate. Love is that atom splitting apart the part of you that is not your core breaking it down and changing it in a very powerful way. Altering your guilt to that of a lesson and a growth point a chance to grow and become a better you. A positive out of a negative the next time you are in that position you will find the love and not behave in the same way.

What is at your core? Have you the courage to find out? When you question your behavior or feel guilt these are growth points, for you are most likely going against your core.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and share my son in a small way as he is change in motion and inspiration to me, to share my thoughts and love to cause that reaction and explode those atoms of love helping to change our world in a positive way. Share a smile share your love and be the change positive help make our world a better place. Thank you once again for sharing your love and sharing your time. Your thoughts and stories shared add to my depth and yours the more depth the more love for hate powerful as it is, is shallow, love is far more powerful and endless!


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