Rocked to my core, assisted Suicide?

It is a day of reflection and shared perspectives in my life. Many things seem to culminate and many thoughts shared have filled my head and heart. I am or have been feeling rather melancholy a personal tragedy and a loss of a love, and a question that rocked my core over an issue I thought set in stone.

I realize that first I am very humbled and grateful for the many that have shared with me and allowed me to grow .I feel that the many perspectives and the many trying situations I have been blessed with have put me on the path I am on and the gift of knowing who I truly am. Thank you all of you and there are so many I could not name them all.

This thought I will share it is still my original thought and the one I shall embrace for the time being and why it is so. The Question that has added much depth and resulted in a little more insight as to who I am, was this “Do you believe that assisted suicide should be legal?” My response was natural and heart felt. Yes! We take our pets to the Veterinarian and have them put to sleep to end their suffering as it is the “Humane” thing to do. The cowboys of old shot their lame horses for the same reason. Men at war shoot their friends and enemies beyond help to end their suffering and pain. It is the Humane thing to do!

Well a good friend and a very Beautiful soul Mr. Jones a man I respect and a man of character and soul that certainly surpasses my own shared his thoughts as did several others as we shared our lunch. His response was deep and made me question my own. Jesus suffered on the cross and while in terrible pain he knew he would endure he asked “Why have you forsaken me” of God. He was meant to suffer and his purpose in being here was to do that for our sins if you believe in his earthly task. If god means for you to suffer there is a reason and we are not to question his reason but to accept his way and suffer. There are drugs that can take away the pain!

His logic was sound and his eye’s shared his soul and he believes in his words. I had to question at that point my belief and my heart. I searched deep and still search yet feel as before. First I am not Jesus Christ I am a simple humbled man that can only first acknowledge that fact! Second having a true belief in the Golden rule as well as a very loving nature I am a compassionate being. Third I do not believe that any parent would want suffering for their children. I do not believe that our pets deserve more compassion and empathy than our fellow human beings. I do believe that we deserve dignity in our dying hours, days, weeks, months or even years as some endure a terrible life of pain and being kept alive by machines. Yes drugs take away the pain physical yet the pain emotional and the quality of life negate that. Emotional and mental pain are far deeper and far harder to endure, taking away our dignity as we lay dying is not a loving compassionate way. Not the Golden rule!

I may be flawed in my logic and to many I may be wrong I do however feel how I feel, and as it has been my blessing to have had a few of the strongest I have known die in hospitals after the “Plug” was pulled as my own dad cried out for mercy and dignity. I do support such, my dad and my Grandpa as well as my Father in law of old all asked to be taken off the machines and let to die with grace and dignity I accept as I should that they are not Jesus Christ and have not his strength nor his earthly mission to suffer they deserve a dignified death with compassion. Jesus died for the suffering and sin of all so we would not have to endure the same.

Thank you for your taking the time and allowing me to share some thoughts, feeling and emotions. Your thoughts and feelings are important as well and your perspective may help add more depth and character to my own soul and perhaps your own as well. If you have something to share please share it, I know in the realm of knowledge I know nothing in the realm of man I know nothing, in truth as much as I know, I truly know I know nothing other than who I am at this moment in time. Every gift and blessing that I encounter adds depth to my soul yet when I look to the Heavens I know how much depth that is… Nothing! Thank you again for allowing me to share some love and sharing your love. Share a smile share the love the most powerful force in the Universe and be the change positive.  Positive change and growth are a form of love and together we as individual human beings can change the world.


2 thoughts on “Rocked to my core, assisted Suicide?

  1. Here’s my two cents: You don’t get brownie points for suffering. There’s no right or wrong way to die if you’re terminally ill. Just try finding it in the Bible, it’s not there. There are no commandments for dying, only commandments for living.

    It’s a huge responsibility though to be asked to “pull the plug” I don’t envy anyone who is asked. There’s always the fear of making a mistake, and doing it too soon, or not soon enough. When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness a dialog has to be opened immediately. If you’re a spouse, brother, parent etc the question must be asked: What do YOU want? Forget what the religious folks say, they won’t be there as you take your last breaths. What you decide is between you, your caretakers, your family and God. *Stepping off of soapbox now*

  2. Thank you Rachel, Your thoughts expressed and shared are priceless here in my heart and much appreciated. I am grateful for your support and your opinion I hope you have such a Great day! I do have several fishing poles! 😉

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