Our purpose!

Long before our Earthly journey starts

Love from the Universe and our creator fills our hearts

When it is time and we are earthly bound

We share our love with the Earthly ground

Our souls they are meant to share love and cry

Love as we live and learn till we die

When we here them calling our name

To the loving Universe from whence we came

When we arrive broken and hollow

Our maker will know we did not lead nor follow

And when our Lord inquires did we do as asked

His act of love paid for our earthly task

If we are empty far more than we began

We shall remain as a hollow broken man

If overflowing with love are we

Perhaps we shall sit by the side of he

The one who created you and me

The heavenly gift of love we were given

Not lock up on Earth as if in prison

Our love and compassion is to be freely and generously given

The material things bought and sold

Are not the treasure of heavens gold

My sense of purpose and my depth expands daily as I learn and grow. Many people have inspired me in many ways however one rises above all the rest.I am a man of no religion yet one who has inspired many religions has been my biggest and most loving inspiration.The “Golden Rule” is love and love is the most powerful force in the Universe shared in the words of one man that changed the world. His message is often overlooked as the messenger and his image are tarnished at times by the religions that claim to preach his word. Perhaps they have the best of intentions and I am quite sure that they do yet I question the intent. Is the intent to share and learn the “Golden Rule” or to make one conform to the accepted judgements of the leaders of those religions? Only one may judge me and his judgement will be accepted and loved for what he inspires in me is just that love. Many that know me will tell you I am no Saint and most would say as do I that I am not worthy to stand at the side of one so Great. I will however look him in the eye and thank him for the opportunity and share my apology for not being the man I should have been.

My strength comes from acknowledging my faults and working on them being strong enough to admit my Anger is a weakness and against the “Golden Rule” as well as my many other faults are the gifts I have been given and inspire me to grow and become stronger. I know not what happens when we die I do know that through love and living a way of love I will have the strength and courage to take what I have coming with the same Grace as  I am given here on this Earth!

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my many thoughts. I hope we can all find in our hearts the strength to forgive and live as we know we should a life of love and the Golden Rule is foremost in our lives.We all make mistakes it’s what we do after we make them that allows us to grow and become better people or to become empty and hollow. Share a smile and share the love as love is change positive be the change and share your love. Thank you once again for stopping by and allowing me share some love and sharing your love with me.


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