With no Darkness there is no need for Light!

In life we all share a few common threads, we all as human beings have emotions. Emotions we have are the spice of our lives that shape us and let us grow. Sometimes we suppress or emotions and choose not to deal with them as they are difficult to understand at times. It is these emotions that teach us the most about ourselves and inspire us to reach for the light within and the light above.

I have heard many times as have we all the cries of ourselves and others why doe’s this happen to me? Why am I cursed with all this bad luck or heart ache? Why did he or she do this to me? The men in prison and the men of the cloth all seem to find the Lord in the most trying of times. Have you ever heard that only when in jail do men of shady character find “God”? Or only through heart break do we find love? When someone we love dies and the pain overwhelms we pray for comfort and ask for such.

In our everyday lives we seldom take the time to acknowledge the beauty that surrounds us. The beautiful souls we meet and share a smile with are a true gift from our maker as is the heart ache and the deaths as well as the lack of those material things that we as people reach for and are hurt or ashamed that we don’t have. A gift we could see and truly appreciate if we take the time to learn the lessons they bring. When the worst happens it is time to embrace them and look within rather than cry and complain it is time to embrace and find that silver lining in our own souls.

I have shared many thoughts with many people and when they come back simplified after traveling a large or small circle I am truly humbled by the effect they have on my own growth and evolution. I shared my thoughts on embracing my darkness with a Shaman who in turn shared my thoughts with another Shaman. I choose to share the simple depth that came back to me. “With no darkness there is no need for light!”

We experience dark times for a reason… To love the light! Appreciate and embrace the darkness and reach for the light. The things that trouble you most are the things that show you the light if you just take the time to embrace the dark gift you were given you can truly appreciate the light in your soul and the light our maker has for us. Tough love I have heard the term many times as have most of us. To me what ever form that takes is the gift of learning to embrace who I am and the light that shines in my soul. For the darkness has brought forth the light and without the Darkness the Light would not be necessary.

The times are indeed dark and hard in our world and our lives both the wealthy and poor can grow and be the light that they are within if they embrace the dark and find the light in their souls. Look deep and know your heart know your soul dark as it is the light overwhelms the darkness when you find it. The light is LOVE and love is the most powerful force in our Universe a gift from our Maker and a gift to be cherished as is the gift of darkness that allows us to appreciate and embrace the light!

I thank you for taking the time to allow me to share some thoughts and feelings with you. It is my way of sharing some love and being the change positive. Positive change even through negative experiences is growth and teaches us to reach for the light the light of love is positive change. I embrace and love the many dark days I have been blessed with as they have given me a light bright as the stars in the heavens above a gift from my maker of unconditional love! Share a smile and share the love be the change, thank you again for taking the time to allow me share my thoughts.


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