Hate can not overwhelm love…

A queen of rare Beauty and shiny long hair

Gave me her heart in need of repair

Those that came before me the men of character not

Left me a heart that was filled with bitter thought

Angry and hating broken and worn I held in my hand just barely warm

I looked to the sky and asked for the Lord to end her painful storm

I hoped as I held it that my heart so deep

Would help her and not cause her soul to weep

I gave my heart for her to hold a move loving tender and bold

I felt that together we would grow old

My heart had been broken many times

Once more I thought this is time is mine

A soul that was so Beautiful a smile so intense

I knew that her love was heaven sent

I thought that we would watch the Angels sing

Together side by side on Angels wings

Now as sit with my heart so sad

I ask for the Angels to undo my bad

I ask for my Lord to take and give back the pain

To this Golden soul that stands head hung in shame

I am so sorry and never with intent in my heart

Wanted anything other than her hand in mine

To travel together in the world of the divine

Sometimes we act out of our hearts and it doesn’t turn out how we thought. I know better than to reach for what I want when it may be the best for me yet it may hurt someone close to me. If I thought I reached with the right intent then the one I may hurt might understand. The love that I felt was beyond the limits of time. Love I wanted and thought I had, through material wishes had gone bad, my compassion and caring mattered not, only what the money could have bought. I asked for the Angels to take wing and undo the hurt my non material soul dealt to a Queen of the Earth. Who’s needs I overlooked for my love is not one written about in books. It’s painted in the stars and eternal in it’s nature one not meant to be hurting or cause pain I ask that the damage be washed away with the rain, so her heart can be whole and free from my damage as she deserves what she wants and I hope no more her soul will hate mine I will love her till the end of time. Another Queen another dream a gift to me the tears I shed like the rain from the sky Please Angels take wing and fly undo the damage caused by this simple guy.

I share these thoughts in the hope that when we love somtime’s we cause pain just like we need rain it allows us to grow from our roots. Love on a scale of such magnitude needs solid deep roots other wise when the wind blows it takes it away. I am sorry to all the Queens I have unintentionally shattered your dreams yet on the other side of the coin this Kings dreams are shattered as well. I choose not to live in hell where the bitter and hatred dwell rather I ask for peace in your hearts and that the Angels take away the pain let not my love leave a bitter taste in your mouth nor hate in your heart wash away the anger and have a fresh start!

Share the love smile and be the change. I hope we all can make positive change even in the most painful of times love is the most powerful force in the Universe and hate can not survive in a loving heart and soul. Live love and change the world! Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and some love even when my world spins.


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