Communication, Sharing and love!

I wish to share a thought and perhaps a little insight into the heart of this man and some of those that inspire me. I have been very blessed in many ways and one that was brought to my attention today is the gift of “gab” or the ability to speak with anyone. We all I would imagine have such a gift, fear or ego stops most from utilizing it. I personally feel it is part of our reason for being here to share our thoughts and feelings or emotions if you prefer depending on your perspective. Of the gifts we all have the gift and ability to communicate is second only to love. If you don’t express your needs how will you get what you need.

Many of the people I meet even if it just sharing a smile are inspirational to me. In the last few years it seems like my life path has been placing many more people of quality and substance along the path. Or perhaps at the last crossroad I chose a path that has more similar minded and like hearted people on it. Regardless of how it is a gift that I cherish, for every soul I encounter enriches my life and inspires me to aim a little higher as far as my personal growth and enlightenment. For the most part that has been a two way street.

If I didn’t embrace the gift of words and communication the opportunities for positive growth and change would be very limited in my small part of the world. As an example this blog is the result of my desire to share my philosophy and my heart in hopes that I could help change the world. I had for many years the desire to share my ability and capacity to evolve and change myself and my core through enlightenment and the strength and courage to apply what I learned with the help of so many. I was actually encouraged to start this blog by a very beautiful friend as she felt my story would help me and others.

It is amazing in a way words and communication are not limited by or bound to our education levels or our backgrounds, race, religion or any other factors other than a desire. I have found that even a man like me can share thoughts and enlighten in a way those that have PHD’s in many fields. If one is of open mind and checks their ego at the door one can learn from a child lessons long forgotten or never learned. I have recently met a Lady with a degree in psychology that took my shared words and together we enriched each others lives and souls with shared and different perspectives.

I hope that we all can put our fears and ego’s aside and communicate our thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. Communication in it’s many forms like a smile is sharing love the most powerful force in the Universe. I chose to share these thoughts and feelings as Veterans Day approaches and as is appropriate ask that you communicate with your loved ones and those you encounter on your path. The fact that we owe it to our Veterans, both past and present and ourselves, our children and the future generations a show of love and support. I hope and believe that we as a Nation of “We the People” will stand as we are obligated and let our leaders know it is time for positive change and representation of us the citizens of this Great Nation!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings it is my way of sharing some love and being the change. Share a smile share the love and be the catalyst of positive growth and change. Thank you again!


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