Machines, Checkers, and jobs = Jerks and Greed!

A change of pace for the day, I would choose a topic very close to my heart and a somewhat annoying issue at times. The Super Market “Smiths” in particular has a bad habit of pushing customers into the self check out stands. I just stood in line to purchase a couple of items and there was a nice man about three people behind me that was patiently waiting his turn. The checker at the stand we were in line waiting for suggested to a fellow worker that he help a few customers at the self check out. After saying no he reluctantly called the man I mentioned was three people behind me to be served at the self check out. He proceeded to tell the man to scan items here and pay here!

Of course the store employee walked away to chat with his co workers a few feet away from where I was being helped. The nice man had ran into a small snag, he likes fresh produce, a nemesis of the automatic self serve lanes and one aggravating thing when you were standing in line waiting for the service you expect and are indeed paying for. A person that greets you and assists you with your questions, bagging your groceries and counting out your change is part of the grocery experience.

In a time when these major companies are making record profits and our citizens are going with out jobs it seems like a sin to me that we would allow this. The price is the same at the automatic as it is at the manned station, a place like New Jersey or Oregon that requires by law that attendants pump your gas provides safety and jobs. The baggers that used to bag our groceries were you and I and our children sit and worry because there are no bagger jobs and soon no checker jobs either. The stocking of the shelves is farmed out and well we lose more jobs to machines and the companies make more money.

Are you are we in such a hurry that we would cut our noses off for the corporate profits and greed of the share holders and management. Our own greed haste, and more jobs wasted the writing is on the wall the proof in our faces and we still sit idle. My dark side of my bright heart shredded that jerk at the store much to the embarrassment of my good friend. I was polite and cursed not yet let him know I thought that was just pure BS! “You did a fine job helping that man” I said, he said “nothing to it” “ That’s exactly what you did for him absolutely nothing but cause him a pain in the ass trying to get you to help him with the produce codes that would have been done by the checker he was waiting for till you offered your “HELP””.

I walked away not sure if I had sinned yet I spoke out of love for the man that was robbed of the service he wanted and paid for. I should perhaps just have written a letter to his boss I however chose to let loose and learn another lesson and add to my depth. I accept that some are lazy and don’t care, I also accept that I was weak and have no right to Oh BS I can speak my mind as can we all and should all do. If you can look at things from a different perspective then we can find solutions to our situation and jobs for our citizens.

Thanks you for your time and allowing me to share a thought and a feeling or two with you. Speaking out and speaking your mind when things are not right is our Blood given right as “We the People”. I ask that you help our great Nation on Veterans Day and speak out as “We the People” and demand change my heart screams for “Representation” as We are not represented by our leaders bought and paid for by MONEY! I am change in motion and inspired by love the most powerful force in the universe. Be the change share a smile and share the love.



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