My friend Bruce, not quite as fortunate as Springsteen!

I am Inspired and well just heart broken, for our Nation and those that live here. I believe in our Country, however it is at times hard to. I work with and around men of honor that have served our great Nation willing to die and defend our status as “We the People”.  For the next couple of weeks I choose to share some stories of the men I share my life with. I will use fictional names so I allow these men dignity. Hero’s who have paid far more, than they should have had to, for their love of, Country and “We the People”.

My morning break I spend with a group of ever changing Veterans that have fallen on hard times and drug or alcohol use has made those times harder. Some men are in a treatment program and others come in for treatment of various cancers or ailments from war. About a week ago I happened to be out sitting at a picnic table with a couple of the men in a rehab program and a face I had seen in a bad dream. One of a prisoner of war a long time ago in a place that would make the Angels cry a Nazi concentration camp.

His name was Bruce, he asked if he could buy a cigarette from me and I as always responded no you can have one if you like. He smiled with all five of his teeth showing and insisted that I take his money, I laughed and he knew I was being very genuine so he pocketed his money. We chatted and he related his condition to the war in Viet Nam and the cancer that ate his body from the inside. He had been shot seven times in two tours.

He was there on that day to get what assistance the VA will give him as far as food or help with housing. He was angry that they would not give him his “meal ticket” until he talked with a therapist. I just want something to eat he retorted I am hungry as they shamed him unintentionally out the door. He would have been in a better frame of mind and much better communicated with the therapist had his belly been full.  A volunteer that gives the homeless Vets a ride to the shelter took Bruce away.

My story is a little long and out of respect for you I shall split it in two perhaps three parts. My friend Bruce is not quite as fortunate as Bruce Springsteen yet worthy of a tribute just the same. I am inspired and filled with love the most positive energy in the universe and being the change as we all should. The time has come to put our money where our mouth is so to speak and be “We the People” our collective soul that of our Great Nation is in peril. Just like my friend Bruce and my young friend Jake a five year old homeless child, along side his sister Lillian and their mother Kathryn desperate and losing hope.

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings with you. I feel privileged to have this page with which I can share and perhaps inspire others to share with each other the gift of being human and American. Thank you Word Press, Vicky, My children and my many friends that help me be a better me through positive influence and growth through positive change and the lessons Love teaches us.  Part 2 will be Tomorrow’s post. Thanks again and share a smile be the change!





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