Bruce not Springsteen Part two…

Two days later as I returned from the supermarket with lunch supplies for the week, I was walking into the area where I work and saw a very disturbing site. Bruce was sitting on the curb with two Federal Police Officers standing over him. I approached and said hi to the officers as Bruce recognized me, he looked at me with such sad eye’s and said” I know you”. ‘Yes you do, how are you doing?’ I replied he asked “Can I talk to you?” I looked at the Officers and they nodded. We walked to the picnic table and I handed him a smoke as we sat down.

He commented that they still wouldn’t give him his meal ticket and asked what I thought he should do. Before I could respond a True American Hero broke down in tears just like a child, stammering that he was hungry. Tears filled my eyes; the group from the rehab was filling the empty seats at the table wondering what was going on. I asked that they not let him leave even with the police until I returned. I handed Bruce a bag of grapes and a yogurt as I headed up stairs to our break room. I made him a sandwich with my whole week’s worth of lunchmeat and grabbed him a bottle of soda on my way back out the door. I reached out to hand him the sandwich which he grabbed with both hands the right reaching the top half first and before the left could grab the bottom half the top was almost gone.

I walked over and thanked the Police Officers for showing dignity and compassion for Bruce and mentioned with the tears still in my eyes that he was just hungry and meant no harm. They watched and nodded as he finished his sandwich a tear growing in their eyes.

The local police arrested and took Bruce away; he had a warrant for a four year old ticket that he has no way to pay. They will let him out in a few days then arrest him again in a few months when he is hungry and crabby. I bet if there was a job where Bruce could make a few dollars and support himself that he would live out his final few years with a sense of self respect and pride in who he is and once was. As the Cancer destroys his last physical remnants it would be a great spiritual gift if “We the People” would give him the respect and honor he and all those like him that have served their Country to have in the end been sold out by Corporate America and our own elected officials

As you walk past my friend Bruce and debate whether or not to spit on him or tell him to get a f’ing job or just look past his starving broken body and dirty clothes. I ask that you look in his eyes and tell him thank you before you do any of those things. He may ask for a dollar or he may not, he may be on a binge to drown his pain. He may not have gotten his meal ticket and sure as there is a God in heaven no one will give him a f’ing job. No address, No phone, the only love he feels are his friends at the homeless shelter.  Give my friend a smile if you have nothing else to give it, will make his day!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and some of my heart as feelings and love come from the heart. Please take the time from One till Three on Veterans day and stand United show our power as “We the People” and let our Government know we find their behavior and the state of our Nations health and the care of Her Soul to be Unacceptable! “We the People” Demand change! Fix it!



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