“We The People” and what that means to me…

We the people, what does that mean to you? Have you ever considered what a privilege it is to be a citizen of the United States of America? WE THE PEOPLE! The world watched as a mixed group of immigrants, Colonists that had a vision of a New World in which they bowed to know one and ruled them selves. Wealthy and the poor side by side proclaiming for the first time in history that no matter what religion, race, creed, and whom ever ,want to be a part of this great Nation will be forever ruled and Governed by “We The People”. The price of that Freedom and pursuit of liberty and justice was paid in blood and still is today.

The first Casualty of the American Revolution according to the history books is up for debate, it is apparent that there was a riot which the British took force in hand and dispersed death to a group of American Rebels to include one that takes center stage in a way. His name would be Crispus Attuks an escaped slave and member of the Continental Army. His memories stands out in some minds yet the symbolism and the membership in the “WE THE PEOPLE” movement and indeed revolution was a reason to heed the call and stand united for the American Dream.

Most people think the American Dream is a middle class life style that is almost non existent in our American nightmare. A nightmare and a destiny we control, “We The People” you and I control what happens in our future. I ask that as we consider and reflect on our position as individuals and as a country we ask ourselves if we have indeed taken for granted the sacrifice of those first Minutemen that had vision for us a Nation that would be represented and ruled by “We the People”.

As a Veteran and a Patriot I can only imagine what it must have been like for those brave souls. Much greater sacrifice or risk I could not imagine, in my mind I see the salt of the earth farmers and craftsmen along side of the wealthy and privileged shoe less feet covered in snow and ice. Their fears overcome with optimism and courage as they reached for a dream for their children and the many generations to follow. A dream where freedom and liberty would flourish and “WE THE PEOPLE” would stand side by side for the people and by the people.

In this country we are not of one religion, race or creed. We have a few common bonds. None greater than the debt, we owe our Veterans, since the Minute Men and the Colonial Army, to the men that serve and die for our freedom today. The Armed Forces of our Nation die today for “We the People”, not our Government as it is, or our leaders as they are. They are not representative, nor do they carry the vision in their souls. Is the light out in ours as well? The Wealthy in their decadence and the poor in their desperation, souls screaming this is so wrong. Yet in the one Nation where so many have paid the Ultimate sacrifice for our “Blood and Soul” given right to be “We the People” the people choose to sit and complain.

I ask that we as “WE THE PEOPLE” honor our fallen and our service men and women, as well as their families. Show a sign of unity and send a message that can indeed change our path. I realize that the 400 million or so that would and should participate is hopeful yet not realistic.  I would ask that we all take a few friends and family to the Capital or where ever you may gather peacefully and spend an hour or two from one to three with a sign that says “WE THE PEOPLE”. Say this is UNACCEPTABLE!  Let our leaders know we want change now, not later. Stop acting like a divorced set of parents and take action on what is in the best interest of the real American Dream and be part of “We the People” take care of Americas Soul! That is what we pay you to do! I am about love and positive change, our country needs our Love and our team work. We need to stand united or loose all we have or will have had. Our Business leaders need to find their Patriotism as well and save our jobs. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with you, share a smile and some love, as well as your show of Patriotism for our many fallen and help change our countries path. Thank you!


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