You are responsible for Thousands of Deaths! Make it right!

My day today has reinforced and helped me choose my battle as I hope many will join me in this the greatest of battles in our country and indeed my world. I had mentioned before that the USSR was actually collapsed by it’s own warring way and bankrupt itself and its people into the reality of the cost of war in both human and financial cost. Being communist Atheism is the official stand on God, so the diversity of our own nation should offset each other.

As I talked with a group of men, a young man a Marine as a Marine is a Marine even when they are out of the service listened silently. We were discussing the state of our Nation and our feelings on War. I mentioned that I wrote a blog and that I had mentioned our current situation and it’s cost in lives as well as its cost to our great Nation!

Many of the Veterans as well as many of the people I encounter in my life and there are at times many have a shared feeling of the atrocity of war. I had the interjected that we are responsible as we continue to elect the same people over and over bought and paid for. It is interesting to me that the last time there was major protest where millions of American citizens took to the streets in moral outrage was during the Viet Nam War which lasted ten years cost hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of lives and almost bankrupt our Nation. Eerie isn’t it!

The fact is that for the amount of money we spend as a Nation and as a planet on weapons of destruction and their related components, would feed every man woman and child on this planet indefinitely. The human death factor well how would one put a price on that? What is the cost of a soul?

As we are “We the People” it is time we the people make the change happen. We wait for our government to save us, it is time for our Government to save our Nation. We can demand as we stand united. You are responsible for thousands and thousands of deaths. There are 50 million Homeless men, women and children in this country that are at risk of dying for many various reasons from starvation to lack of health care and the pure lack of hope and the desperation of a soul to survive and provide for the ones they love.

Take responsible action don’t think about it don’t talk about it do it. Change begins with you, YOU are responsible for our future. You are responsible for our souls that starve, you are responsible for the destruction of our country’s values, You are responsible for our economy and National Debt! Would George Washington have ever sold our Nation to China?

Take action and take to the streets be the change take action and stop destroying our Nation and killing thousands of people. Tell our Government now! Waiting for elections to elect self serving greedy politicians that are going to do nothing for the 50 million less fortunate souls will result in even more deaths and even more despair.

I believe that we as a people need to Govern our Government and our Nation and be responsible and fix the problem. Take up your water bottles and arm your self with some love of our fellow man and our Country and hit the streets in protest. We demand change now! Not in two years not in ten years now!

Thank you for stopping and allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you, I am taking the battle to the streets armed with love and inspired by my maker and a young Marine with the soul of a human, like me or you, he is our future he deserves as do all of our fellow souls a chance to survive and provide for those that he loves. He deserves to believe that the country he is willing as am I to die defending that the American way is the way of peace not war love not hate and life not death.  For our children and their children be the change take action today, gather your friends and associates and hit the street in a loving protest for peace and positive change. Elect citizens to office not politicians and the rich elite. Vote for plumber Joe or Farmer Stan not the same people that are greedy self serving parasites of the people.


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