American Integrity and where are we headed? Did we do right after 9/11?

I wonder how long it will take us American citizens and the citizens of our planet to realize that what really matters is us collectively as human beings. My co workers and I were discussing the situation in our country and on the tenth anniversary of the destruction of one of Americas Jewels the World Trade Center and the tragic loss of lives due to a radical groups inability to accept and love their fellow humans. Perhaps as citizens as we reflect and Remember those that died we may consider where we are headed as citizens and a Nation.

The subject is heart wrenching when you think about it. To me, I would believe the second most heart wrenching part is what our great nation did and it’s cost in lives as well. I have many times tried to teach my own children two wrongs don’t make a right. The fact is that it has cost our Nation far more than we lost, not only in lives but in our beings and our souls in fact the very fabric of our Nation is stretched and torn so much that as in Rome, the Third Reich, Babylon, and the many empires and civilizations that have colored and evolved us through out time is on the verge of imploding.

Communism in Russia died from bankruptcy, corruption greed and a long protracted war in Afghanistan in which tens of thousands of Young and Old Russian men were maimed and killed. The cost of such a war financially would have taken care of the peoples of Mother Russia for years and perhaps allowed the concept to flourish. The cost countries spend to produce machines of war and death could easily take care of all the souls on our earth yet we would rather spend the money plotting the senseless destruction of human lives to force our will against that of another.

I find it rather Ironic that I live in the “Land of the Free” and we choose to exact revenge against Nations and force our will and democracy upon them. Afghanistan didn’t cause the damage nor did Iraq we as a Nation allowed and perhaps even demanded that revenge. Destructive change in the worst possible way, my fellow citizens may perhaps see things differently how ever I ask you to ponder this:

The United States and its citizens had a very tragic loss to a group of radicals. These radicals came from Middle Eastern Countries. The citizens of these countries are far less fortunate in many material ways than our great Nation. We spent up words of Ten Trillion dollars to kill thousands of citizens and thousands of our own Troops end up in a recession and looked at as a Nation of War mongers and Fanatics. Our social programs are being shut down and the ranks of hungry and homeless build. Our Leaders fight, over who was right or wrong, who deserves and who doesn’t and waste our most precious resource our citizens and our loving ways.

Yes Loving ways we are the worlds foremost provider of Charity! One tenth of the money we spent on revenge and being spiteful and bitter to satisfy our blood lust. Blood lust of some fanatics right here in this country that would have burned Mosques and Killed those with families and no responsibility for the actions of a radical group. The Muslims are not responsible for the acts of evil men that commit acts of hate and violence. In the world I live in we are each responsible for our own actions.  Our Nation represents us, I for one I believe that even if we had spent One Trillion dollars on helping those Nations build a decent infrastructure schools and a way to be self supporting and produce food instead of muskets so to speak. The mark our great Nation would have left on our world would have been positive where we as citizens would rather it be. The positive path of change and love would have reverberated across the globe bringing love and prosperity rather than recession and depression.

The other Nine Trillion plus Dollars we could have used to repair our own infrastructure and prepare for the next” Katrina”. We just went through an “Irene” and our fearless leaders took the line we can’t help we are broke. The rating agencies reduce our ratings and the world wonders what the hell happened to the United States? So do I from a thought and idea and a dream this Nation was Earned by a group of Citizens that wanted positive change and actual freedom ruled by we the people united one Nation under “God”. The first commandment that comes to my head is “Thou shall not kill”!

Positive change rather than destructive change would have been better that the destructive path we chose by electing the citizens we have to represent and govern our great Nation. We are change in action are we going to be positive change and growth or are we going to continue on our path of senseless destruction to the point we destroy our great Nation?

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings with you I hope I have not offended anyone just left a thought to ponder. We every one of us would answer the question: Help someone or kill someone?

With a resounding and 99.9% help someone!

Positive change is positive growth and begins with us in our hearts and souls, I hope we can all reach out and share a smile and a bit of love, the catalyst of positive change. Thank you once again as your reading my thoughts is a form of love and helps me be positive change.


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