When I cry…

A thought and feeling, I choose to share. As a man that lives by his heart and the grace of his maker when I am rather down I reach deep and am inspired by heavenly thoughts rather than be distraught. Negative thoughts and feelings although they occur are for me very counter productive and make me my own worst enemy.  I am on the verge of major change and know not yet where my path may lead. I have a dream, as I always will however like all dreams and things in life I do not control the outcome. That I would have to say is in Gods and that dreams hands.

The Angels heard his horrific cry as he fell

Spiraling, descending once again into his own hell

The sky filled with their fierce shriek as they began to fly

Circling around him with loving eyes that eased his heartfelt cry

They caught him gracefully, gently by the arm saving him from any harm

Softly lovingly the set him down, placing him on Holy Ground

The love of the Angels and his Lord he found

Never more in Darkness shall he be bound

The light lives in my heart as it does in all of us, if I could wish a wish for all of us on this planet it would be for all of us to feel the light of Love the most positive of forces and the catalyst of change positive change and growth both for ourselves and our world. Thank you for allowing me to share a thought and feeling or two I am grateful for your time and wish you all many smiles and lots of love. Be the change, positive change and growth begins with me and you!


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