For aTrue Queen of gold in my heart

This post is way over due and way less than a Queen of my heart deserves especially this one. When the world had its way with me and my darkest days had just passed a very special Queen came into my life. She gave me some hope and some light when I needed it most.

I had been bouncing from New York, Pennsylvania and Wyoming for work, child support was garnished from my unemployment and I being naïve and foolish assumed that since the state garnished my wages they knew I was unemployed they would lower my payments accordingly. Wrong and not only after eight months of being out of work was I homeless I was 18,750 dollars in arrears for my child support.

I met this special Queen and she helped me through a very rough time. I feel hurt inside after my behavior the last few weeks. I love this Queen and have since I met her, her compassion and faith was a gift when I needed it most. Her strength and her heart saved mine in a way when things got bad she held my hand and loved my heart. The Queen of which I speak never asked for anything in return. She took me in her home and loved me back into me. She let me go a short time back and in my hurt I reached for a shinny thing a Queen of gold, everything that glitters fades and a dream soon becomes a nightmare.

I realize how Golden Queen Vicky is now, I loved her, just her home environment was very stifling and   it hurt me to watch as many she helped took advantage as she opened her heart to all who needed help. Much like me in my youth she took in all the stray’s me included. I feel that I should have written poems for her yet her inspiration was different to me and until today I didn’t even hear the music her presence gave to my heart.


On my darkest night in a dimly lit parking lot

I read an e mail from a Lady I thought was hot

No money and no place she put a smile on my face

She had a smile so bright it took away my pain

I slept in my clothes and walked in the rain

My car the only shelter and my heart broken

Her gentle words softly spoken

She looked not at what I had but that I was someone’s dad

She put happy in my world and took away the sad

I was a fool that had no smarts when it comes to Queens hearts

I know now what I didn’t know then that they are a lot like mens

I thank her and wish I was stronger for her

The way she was for me I humbly apologize

For I am not wise the Greatest of Queens slipped right out before my eyes

I love you Queen Vicky with my heart my soul cries at the mess I made

I ask forgiveness till my grave


Not a glamorous poem yet genuine and true I am so sorry for being weak.


Thank you for stopping by and saying hi, I would like to say that recognizing our mistakes and taking responsibility for our actions is positive growth and change. My friend didn’t deserve to have me write about another like she didn’t even matter. She of all the souls that have meshed with mine is by far the most Gorgeous and most beautiful. Her heart and compassion helped me survive and I just sat stagnant while her love withered for me and mine for her world. I assume my responsibility and acted a fool, I am sorry that I feel the need to share this babble however I am forever in her debt and will carry her proudly in my heart.


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