Knights needed to slay Dragons!

The knights of old were both real and fantasy, as I am in rare form as of late and the purpose of this blog for me was to get out the message of positive change and its value to our world. I have chosen to wield my sword today and perhaps slay some Dragons along the way. In today’s world one may compare many of our atrocities to those of our history and perhaps during a very trying time in history come the stories of Knights, Kings, damsels in distress and the poverty and misfortune of the average citizen in most cases as in most countries and even in cities and towns of my own.

In the Kingdom I live in there are many poor and weak they multiply in numbers with each growing day. The kingdom I live in is very wealthy and the titled so to speak live in grandeur, as the poor struggle just to eat and have shelter. In the fantasy Kingdom of my second favorite King and Knight Arthur, the king of legend and the round table. The modern movie version is my favorite so chivalrous  and filled with honor and love. In King Arthurs world all eat and all are loved, my favorite  however is a far more deep and loving story.

The Knight in this story is not a knight at all yet even a blacksmith can be a king in a fantasy world. Another story of a common man a Thatcher’s son becomes a knight through a twist of fate and the need to survive, and eat. He falls in love with a beautiful queen and is a natural knight caring and loving the poor that surrounded him. Exposed and humiliated the king makes him a knight just before he is assaulted and stoned to death. For his heart and courage his gift for being the people’s hero … And he got the Queen.” A Knights Tale” the movie is and the love for the queen touches my heart. So does the AC/DC…

My favorite Knight however was a common tradesman a blacksmith a bastard child left many years ago by his father a Great Knight. Through out the story I couldn’t help but feel this mans heart felt loss his passion and his compassion and his courage with his great and loving heart. He when all of the other Knights left abandoning the people they were there to protect stayed and showed what true Knighthood meant. He lost the city yet saved the people won the heart of a Queen that gave up her crown to be with him and the humble heart of greatness to just become a blacksmith again. Love is powerful stuff and what a beautiful romantic story  the “Kingdom of Heaven” is a true tragedy and a true problem that still exists in that region of the world. The world is ours as human beings to share, love and take care of not fight over!

The dragons we need to slay in our real world are poverty, bigotry, hypocrisy, racism, religious intolerance and hate are among the many I can think of. There are no Kings and Queens in the kingdom I live in. Unfortunately the Knights are too few the business owners and corporate magnates the rich and elite don’t walk the streets among the poor, our politicians have never gone hungry. The voices of the poor and week go unheard. The damsels, screams for help unheard! We need Knights in our modern world and we need them soon. There are some that walk our streets not nearly enough the kings of our modern world have fallen to greed and subjugate themselves to the all mighty dollar and the power of a crown that means nothing to the starving citizens of their kingdoms.

I would ask that my words and my passion slay some of these dragons, as a common man, with the heart and courage of a Knight of honor and of the people that I walk amongst. The people of my planet, the people that so deserve more than just getting by. The love is in my heart, as it is in many of us. Pick up your swords let your voices be heard, take action help that homeless lady, a queen in our universe, smile share your warmth and love, that helpless child on TV send the dollar if you can help feed those children. That politician that voted to cut off help for the poor yet fund a war… Fire his ass and slay a dragon!  I hope my words of pure heart are felt and that we can make positive change part of our lives and make our world a better place. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings as overwhelming at times as they may be. Love is the catalyst of positive change, share the love!

Be a Knight if you have the courage, step up for the poor and week, strengthen us all!


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