A walk with my mom…

Today was a very special day in my world, I spent the morning with my mom had a nice breakfast and headed out for the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake. I have been going to that park since my infancy. My Great Grandparents used to come there at least three times a year my mom was sharing with me and I knew why. My Great grandparents both born in 1900 had a bond the same as I with the earth and the beautiful creations on it especially the small and delicate. A gift that I embrace and cherish passed down through evolution, engrained in my core fibers.

My mom had gone to take in the farmers market and I to walk barefoot through a garden with the beauty of many countries special gifts flowers and plants from around the world. We stopped at the farm stands and my mom shopping done heading for the car. The day was a beautiful one with a bright sun shining and a summer breeze blowing. The park was filled with all kinds of beautiful people belly dancers dancing, musician’s music ing, children playing and laughing dad’s and mom’s relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of being alive.

Mom if you think we are just leaving, you are nuts… I proceeded to loose my flip flops and walked towards the Gardens. My time with my mother is limited and about to become more so, over the years of my life the time taken to smell the flowers with her had been non existent for the most part. Today as the horizon calls my name I was determined to share a few quality hours with my mom. The Garden was her element and my current passion. She knew the name of every flower, plant and tree one of her gifts and she shared it with me.

It wasn’t the first time I had told my mom no after my years of living, my mom knows me and knows my nature. It was however the first time I had told my mom no and felt good about it. My nature is hard for many to understand, when one lives by his heart in a world ruled by logic and rules, it is a contrast that for many is quite drastic. The Golden rule is quite simple and the rule I live by, I would have loved for my child to take me by the hand and walk with me through the gifts of nature for a few hours. My mom beautiful and amazing left me today with the same smile she had one of love and acceptance.

Sometimes No is a good thing and can bring about positive change. My mom after being told no has shared with me a gift that will comfort her into her golden years… She raised the man she walked with on this day and he is amazing and beautiful as well. From the hellion that wanted to be the greatest assassin in the world to a loving soul that would die before hurting another soul! My beauty is a gift from my maker and all those that have touched and helped me become the man I am and the man I am to become. None of which would have been possible with out positive change and growth.

Life Is beautiful and to be lived, I have felt great changes in my world recently and all of them good even if some are a little scary. Scary lets me feel alive let me know I am living, live I do. The most beautiful of which is inspiration and a renewed sense of purpose. Not that inspiration doesn’t dwell within me, it does, however sometimes it naps or sleeps till some wonderful or tragic event happens to set my wheels in motion. I am grateful for my recent awakening a gift from the heavens and a gift from a Gorgeous new friend. The smile in my heart is very inspirational and comes from a smile that melts that same heart! Thank you, Gorgeous and all that have taken the time, to read and allow me to share my thoughts and feelings with them. I hope we all accept and embrace change positive change and growth make our world a better place.


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