My magic is in my heart…

Dreams are inspirational and sometimes inspiration is a dream. I have often wondered the connection of dreams to my life. I rarely if ever remember my dreams, well my sleeping dreams any way. I have many vivid day dreams and many fantasies as of late. I am amazed as I am not a fantasy guy. I wonder how long it has been since I even read a fantasy book. I am grateful for the color in my life and it seems even my most non important ability of the past is come to life. Fantasizing, what is the point?

Dreams require a bit of fantasy, a little of the mystical and a lot of perseverance to accomplish. Sometimes time is our friend and at others is our enemy in a fantasy it can be both as in life, time is a double edged sword. Life has been in somewhat limbo for me for many years since the day my world crashed, I waited recovering and planning for the days ahead. Planning for what? I know now yet a plan was not the wait… My soul and that of another to be ready at the same time. Not just any soul either, one specific soul one that was my equal and my opposite. Equal inside and the opposite out yet both fitting like a glove in each others arms.

My first experience with the mystical world was when I was about to get married for the first time, my first wife’s best friend read Tarot Cards. Two days before our wedding my cards were read for the first time. They predicted our divorce my three downfalls and my rise to distinction and power. Funny that! Since then I have met many people shook millions of hands and encountered mystics of all kinds. I even dated a White witch for a short time. Gifts you have they say to me fantasy I say to me.

The meta physical world is quite deep and includes far more than just fantasy and the tarot cards that my upbringing forbid as like masturbation or smoking pot was a trip straight to hell or outer darkness as my religious friends and family will tell you. The Tao te ching is in that section along with Astrology and numerology there are many philosophy’s in the metaphysical section. There is much to learn and much growth to be had if we open ourselves to it.

Fantasy is pure magic I suppose that I am in a place of my own at the moment perhaps the witches and mystics know more than I. I do however feel real strength and real hope as well as faith in my reach for the stars and the gifts they bear. A magic of sorts that is in all of our veins has finally reached my heart in a new way. I have always been a romantic and a good human being my mom said I started bringing home strays when I was about two with my first pocket full of frogs not counting as they weren’t pets or humans. The gifts shared with the “Strays” of my life are some of the most precious and between me them and God. Charity is one of life’s greatest gifts one that has shaped and helped build my soul charity is also magic in my soul it fills me with love and compassion it is in my veins and I know its feeling well.

The magic now is of another source a source that I will not question pre ordained, in the stars, a gift from a white witch a gift from the universe a gift from my maker well I am not going to say they are not all involved or that it even matters. I ride the magic of my heart and float on that cosmic cloud I finally reached. It would be wrong not to give thanks to all that touch my world now or in my past or future. Your being part of my world even reading this blog gives my world depth and adds magic to my soul.

The most thanks I reserve for my lord and my Gorgeous friend and dream, the magic of your millions of words shared in words and pictures has been very inspiring and has opened a cork in the genies bottle so to speak. { or perhaps Pandora’s box either will make me smile and be a hell of an adventure } My creative mind is overflowing and I can’t write fast enough to keep up… Thank you for sharing with me your world and the lord for opening that door! For you that think I am religious and that … Read another of my posts before you judge me! Any who thank you Gorgeous! And your young Prince’s and That adorable beautiful Princess.

Thank You for allowing me to share a thought or two with you and a feeling or three, My shared thought is that magic comes from the love of your heart and is in all of us share your magic with the world and those in it! Positive change starts with us with love in our hearts and together we can make positive change in our world…


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