Infectious … Smiles?

Have you ever had a smile that changed your day? Smiles can make a bad day good, a cloudy day sunny, a cold day warm in just an instant that smile can change many things. I am on a roll about smiles as they are the ground work of love. A smile sends a very clear message you make me happy! What you did what you said or perhaps just the sight of you made me happy!

A smile I have seen only in pictures and in my mind heart and soul has brought me the most joy and a smile that refuses to stop. It is funny and quite a pleasant feeling that a smile can be so contagious and so hot! I had mentioned something to the effect of it could melt Icebergs, to me that smile melted away the last of a cold that I hope never to feel again in my heart or soul.

I have seen many a cold black day and perhaps I shall again yet I now have a treasure from a Queen that I may carry on those cold brutal black days. A treasure described in many stories a, crystal that lights up when you need it most in the darkness. I have so many beautiful smiles in my world, my daughter’s beautiful smile that warms even my most coldest moments, my sons smile that gives me heart felt joy, many smiles that have an impact on my life those of the men I work with and my family when I see them.

One smile rises above them all like a skyscraper it towers in my heart and its beauty is seen from every where I look. I am melted and so alive when I see or think of that smile, it reminded me of one of my most precious treasures the many millions of smiles in my treasure chest! Her treasure chest is filled with as many or many more some of which she shared with me. Priceless are the smiles of our lives especially when they are from our gorgeous beautiful children.

I share these thoughts and feelings that a smile brings about positive change in its infectious nature. So please infect me infect your neighbors infect your friends, loved ones and total strangers. Share the Smile and help change our world for the better! Thank you for allowing me into your thoughts and letting me share some thoughts and feelings with you be positive be the change and SMILE!!!

Thank you my dream girl and that gorgeous smile for inspiring me and my ever active and growing heart!


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