An Awakening of sorts… Color and beauty shared.

Change Starts slowly at times I felt like I was getting no where fast, I think that was part of my problem in making headway sooner or perhaps time is a tool of nature that nurtures us and allows us to grow in a way that will truly benefit us. Today after many years of stopping and smelling flowers, taking time to comment on that beautiful flower dress or that scarf that you make look so stunning. I realized how much I had grown and how far I have yet to grow.

The flowers of my world are now so much more colorful and beautiful not only that there are so many more of them. The dresses come out of the blue and the scarves are many their colors the rainbow and beyond. The smiles are often and after a comment or two and a have a great day very genuine. Since my last post actually just before my last post I had what I would consider a cosmic cloud rather than one in my normal sky, anyway has picked up my senses and somehow others have started looking at me different. Talking with my mom I commented as she smiled at my smile that it was like I had some kind of pixie dust or something on my person. People and life seemed so much more alive I felt more alive than since I was a kid running away at thirteen to become a mountain man.

I had evolved a little learned that all the money in the world that I would ever have would never compare to a lost dream or the smell of a flower it soft sweet scent. The beauty of its color and its ever so delicate petals, the beauty of it’s stem and the wonder of nature that let it be and nurtured it’s growth, loved it’s purpose and brought it to us to enjoy and embrace it’s beautiful peaceful natural perfectness. I don’t want to sound cheesy yet a thought comes to mind. If no one stops and looks at the flower and never takes in it’s beauty the gift of it’s life has been diminished has it not. Sort of like if a tree falls in the forest did and no one was around to hear it was there any noise? Yes there was a noise and a flower millions of them. There are millions of scarves, ties, shoes, smiles, colors of hair many things of beauty to slow down and enjoy.

My thoughts are inspired and shared in the hope that we as human beings can slow down and enjoy the most beautiful gift of all. Each other, we collectively as humans are all beautiful and natural as the flower or the Sunsets I so enjoy and every thing in between. For if we as humans don’t stop and enjoy the beauty of our fellow humans isn’t our value diminished?  The inspiration that I take to heart most is from my new Dream and my maker who instilled the dream in my head.  Color and “Bling” are important elements  in  our world and they have purpose to be gazed upon and enjoyed for the beauty they bring to our world. Color and beauty are all around us blue eyes, grey eyes brown eyes, green eyes, the windows to our beautiful souls. Tall, short, skinny, full figured and races religions etc. all there to be shared and enjoyed. Who would stop and fight with a flower? We are all far more beautiful than a flower why don’t we start acting like nature asks and enjoy each other, embrace our human beauty, our gift from nature, our collective lives shared on this beautiful earth. Thank you my Gorgeous Dream for reminding me to look at things from a different perspective and bringing the value of color and beauty to a new level into a new lesson and enhancing my view of beauty.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and a few feelings with you. I do believe that positive change can and does happen from that little seed just like the Giant Redwoods we start small and grow into great and amazing creatures of awesome beauty since the day we were conceived till the day we die. We can be positive non destructive wards of our planet and our collective humanity if we all just one day at a time stop and enjoy the beauty of a new and beautiful flower, say hi and what a beautiful outfit you are wearing to a flower you have never met before and enjoy their delicate petals and their strong stems. I hope we can make positive change part of our daily lives and change our world for the better of all mankind and its natural beauty.


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