The Well in my Garden

One morning I woke up with no one around
Lonely and searching nobody to be found
Off in the shadows a light brightly shined
A path to a garden somehow familiar in my mind
The flowers were tall the path over grown
Through the clouds the sun shone brightly
In the middle I saw it as it grabbed my gaze
The fog began drifting and covered it with haze
Enchanted I walked toward it somewhat afraid
As I peered inside amazed by the depth
I wondered inside how many years did this take
Something glimmered so far away or so it seemed
Beckoning calling screaming my name
Somewhere in the darkness from the very depths
Laughing through the water sounding insane
As I leaned closer to hear the words that were said
I jumped in and saw them swirling many there were
Twisted and drawn reaching for me as I fell on
Each second it felt like an eternity then
Lonely and wishing I had a friend
The longer I fell the brighter it grew
Just then the bottom had I reached
Where I found a boy on a beach not a real one
A sand box in a garden with a bucket dug ocean
A castle stood too a boy not a year old
With hair of gold not shocked no fear as I approached
That’s when I realized the laughter was his
My name he was calling it sounded so sweet
I wondered how he knew my name
Before I asked the question the tiny little bucket
Told me the answer to the same
Jumping in was an adventure getting out would be the same
Now the challenge to get back to where I came
The boy in me knew the answer each demon we must face
The tortured the forgotten the new and the old
Each one has a price a gift or a curse naughty or nice
Acknowledged and confronted accepted and loved
Rising each moment from the darkness to light
Each step I had taken since the day at the beach
Was the life that I lived the real me
Hard as it was when I reached the top I knew the prize
A beautiful garden now do I have
No weeds overgrowing the flower lined path
Each day I stop in the center of it all
Listening for that warning call
The demons they rise every now and then
Seeking the company of an old friend
Then there are new ones that come my way
The kind that confront me every day
Each evening as I close the gate
My soul knows I live each breath that I take
Even though I have made many mistakes
Forgiven and loved for what I am
Accepted and growing being the best I can
Striving for knowledge and loving my fellow man
In the middle of the Garden so very deep
Since my childhood where my soul I keep
I share this with you in hope that you
Live your life however you will be
Jump in with both feet
Drop to the bottom no matter how deep
Just keep up with those demons
And don’t forget the weeds

By Joe Bradshaw July 2011

I hope you enjoyed this sharing of mine from my own journey in our present time. Thank you for stopping and allowing me the pleasure and treasure of sharing my thoughts and feelings. Self awareness and reflection of ones own character bring about growth and positive change.Knowing ones soul brings unconditional love for your fellow man.


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