Summer gold!

Maple Grove is a nice little Park located in a nice Valley against a mountain range of red rock, pinion pine and sage brush. A creek runs through it, then down through the valley bring life to many things and supporting life as it does the Rainbow trout, and the native Cutthroat trout. The Bald Eagle and the California Buzzard search from the heights for fish and ground hogs. A place of simple yet complex beauty one that for me is full of treasure, the gift of life and nature give me every day just a little more breath taking and uplifting.

The last few weeks have been a blur and slow at the same time, my son is out for the summer and even though he is here I still have to work and live. The living part is what it is, however the work part is a necessary and not optional… I took some time off for the living part while I still can with my seventeen year old son. His plans are set in his mind and well a young man is a rolling stone at times and my son is an ambitious young man.

True treasures and true gifts seem to be made of pure unconditional love or connected to that love. As I watched my son head down to the creek with a container of night crawlers my heart and soul were shining as bright as his. He baited his hook as I broke out some supplies and prepared to set up my rod, his first cast caught a small Cut Throat he landed it admired it and gently placed it back in the creek. I was filled with love as was he for the gift of being there and the love of the great outdoors.

He and I caught many fish that evening and put back far more than we kept especially since the limit was four fish each. After a couple of hours the sun starting to go down, hunger starting to set in the new Getto Grill yet to be built and two fresh trout ready to be cleaned choices had to be made. I gave my son the option of assembling the grill or cleaning the fish. I smiled as he chose the grill, he has been waiting for the day when he could do the “man” thing and build the grill, light the fire and the fun stuff that comes with “man responsibilities. Personally I would rather clean the fish and admire their beauty while enjoying the gift nature and the universe have given many times to this soul.

Once in a lifetime we have the day we are living every day should be cherished as a gift and those very special days are our treasures. I have many treasures like the ones I have found and enjoyed this summer with one that I love dearly. We all have many treasures and many gifts, I hope you as will I make time to live and find those treasures. I thank you for your time and hope that I have shared a message of positive change and growth. For me my growth has and continues to take many fascinating turns and led to many great adventures at times seemingly overwhelmed with bad luck and bad breaks that have taught me what is important and what love is…. Thanks again allowing me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with you!


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