Treasures to my Soul… Summer Road trip

“It’s Been a While” I like and don’t like that statement yet it holds true to many things I have experienced and then re experienced. Like writing this blog it’s been a while. My summer started off with a very good note. A road trip from SLC Utah, to Stroudsburg Pennsylvania by way of Chicago and Niagra Falls it was a very beautiful adventure and with the best of company.

A road trip is full of many treasures and for me many memories and treasures from the past dug from deep in the vault of my heart mind and soul. The first mentionable treasure with the shared love of another person a stranger in fact at least by what modern definitions of such encounters. I like to think of it in fact as a gift of love from a fellow human being. My friend Vicky and I stopped at the birth place of President Hoover. It was after closing time at the Historical Site and the National Park Ranger was locking up the Buildings as we arrived.

The treasure…. I asked the Park Ranger about a Statue of Isis that was shown on the park map plaque curious as to why President Hoover would be associated with such a statue. The Gentleman told me the story taking his time in doing so and throwing in the personal side with the Mrs. Hoover reaction and her involvement. She didn’t like the Statue a gift from a land far away to say thank you for helping feed our starving people. She thought it an offensive and tasteless statue of a deity not fit to be displayed. She had it removed and wanted it thrown away yet as a piece of National Treasure it was stored for many years until found restored and placed in the Garden at the President Hoover National  Site.  The Park Ranger seeing our true delight and gratefulness proceeded to open up the House for us and give us a tour even though it was after hours and on a weekend when he could have been home. The treasure is for ever with me and worth far more than gold not only the site but the shared love of another human being for a great human being that left any treasures of his own. Thank you Steve and thank you President Hoover.

My trip was for purpose this time and my Beautiful daughter Graduated High School. I wouldn’t have missed her Graduation other than being dead and it just wasn’t in my cards yet so you can imagine the many treasure seeing your child Graduate brings back to mind. The boys she brought home and that you heard her talk about in my case my daughter was a social butterfly in her early years so she had many of both. I was proud to see them graduate as well and especially proud of the young man I heard mentioned many times that joined the Marines. I actually had a tear in my eye as I stood up and applauded him.

I could quite possibly write a whole book on this particular road trip however I wished to share a few treasures in my heart and there is just one more that really stands out one of love of our fellow human beings that I would like to share. On the trip home we traveled through the lovely city of Denver, Colorado. Being around lunch time we decided for deli sandwiches from a supermarket over fast food, seeing a Kings Super Market we stopped. As I walked in the store the first thing that caught my eye was a very nice display table set up and marketing a product that you would probably want to buy no matter what it was. The product … A box a plain cardboard box  with a simple label and a bar code that said 10 Dollars will provide 70 meals for families in need men women and children in our community. Please take box to the cashier and as you leave recycle it at the container located next to the table you found it at.    Treasure to my soul! I wished I had a few thousand dollars instead of the what I had yet seeing such an effort and putting it up front with respect and dignity  marketing it as something that has significant value up front and with some class, recycling so the money can actually go to help rather than marketing for money!

There is hope as always and there is always room for positive change and growth I hope we can all help to make positive changes and change our world for the better. Thank you for your time and allowing me to share my thoughts. Your thoughts are always welcome and to me another of life’s treasures. There were and are to many treasures from this road trip to possibly share I do wish to say thank you to all.


One thought on “Treasures to my Soul… Summer Road trip

  1. I’m so glad to hear you’re having such a great time! As a person who just learned to love summer again, I’m glad to know I’m not on this mission of treasures alone:-) Keep us updated!

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