An open letter to those that would “Save my soul”

It’s been some time since I last posted on here, I at times have felt a little guilt and perhaps a little lazy in not taking more time and contributing or sharing more. So I suppose I write when inspired by thought, feeling, emotion, the spirit, to vent or just share what is in my little part of the fabric of life and the universe.

This particular post is a combination of all of the above, as I turn my other cheek to many of the people I have a great love for I share this thought and message with the deepest love in my heart and with acceptance of the love in your heart to care so much as to try and save my soul.

I wish to share is an apology to my lord and in turn my maker for what I said and am about to say again. In addition I hope that my friend and my Lord accept my apology for my behavior leading to such a feeling of contempt while talking about our lord. I can not speak for my Lord or my friend yet I am ashamed to have provoked such a comment as I am inspired by “Satan”.  My Lord knows already the motive in my heart and the love it has as well as the light that shines within it.  I am no Saint the choices I have made have been both of the dark side of my being and the light side of my being as perfect as I can be me. My Lord accepts and loves who I am, my soul is his to judge and save alone. This apology is more for those that would save my soul and drive away my feelings and my heart felt love for the message shared, lived and died by Lord and Savior Jesus.

The comment that provoked my being labeled a man inspired by “Satan” will probably resonate with many of those close to me and those I have great love and respect for in the same way that it did with the young man I work with that said it. Those that would save my soul, you the learned and religious that are on a pedestal, for you follow the path lit for you by going to your houses of worship on Sunday to recite chapter and verse of the Bible. The Old Testament, the New Testament, a book written by men containing the word of “God” the written account of mans interaction with our maker. Some 800,000 or so words according to Wikipedia of those I couldn’t find how many were the words of Jesus I am going to ponder a guess of 4000 or so and most of them repeated in several books. One of the most important messages I get and have in my heart is the golden rule. Treat others as you yourself would be treated. I am not quoting yet that is the message that resonates in my heart. Love God, Love Jesus, love your father and mother, love your brother and sister, love your neighbor help those less fortunate feed the hungry clothe the naked and house the homeless. Those messages I receive very clearly and they resonate through my core. I do not recall however in any of his words hearing anything about the Mormon Church, the Catholic Church, the Jehovah Church or any other church being the path to salvation or being a member or attending services there of was the path to heaven. I don’t know where it is written that my soul would be saved by attendance or non attendance in fact only one being can judge and save my soul. In fact the way I understood in my heart of hearts, is to live as my Lord asked, with love in my heart, your actions will be the measure.

When you leave your house of worship filled with the spirit of the Bible and you feel close to our Lord remember that some of us feel just as close sharing a smile and bit of love with that homeless person you pass with contempt. You know the one that Jesus could cure with a thought or by placing his hands on. I am not worthy of washing my Lords sandals so to speak yet I have to wonder what would be more loving than reaching out a hand to that person and letting them know you love them as a human being and offering what help you can. The Lord I love had very little use for the religion of his time; in fact it was part of the end game in his ultimate gift for all of us that believe. When he went to the temple and saw the way things were he reacted in a very negative way the only time I know of that it is written that he behaved so. I have to think he would rather as would our maker see an end to hunger and homelessness through out our planet than a Temple or Church or any structure for that matter built to save our souls.

If you really want to save my soul and help save yours and those we may help along the way please invite me with you to help serve soup at the soup kitchen rather than to church with you on Sunday. Rather than quote me verse and chapter from your Bible lets go find some homeless people and give them a sandwich a couple of dollars look them in the eye and share a moment of love with them and let them feel human and loved if even just for a moment. Rather than judge me and try to save me why not accept me and walk with me through the poor side of town and lend a hand if you can or share a smile and a laugh if you can’t its all good and it’s all love. That is the gift our maker gave us the capacity to accept and love, leave the saving of my soul to my Lord and be my friend, my brother love me for who I am accept me for who I am and take my hand live and love while doing good things for all you can with love in your heart. If you feel I am inspired by “Satan” my other cheek is yours!

Thank you for allowing me to share my feelings and thoughts, I truly wish to offend no one nor speak badly of any religion I only wish to be accepted for who I am not who your religion says I should be. I choose free will as was a gift from my maker good bad or ugly the choices I make and have made me who I am and in the end not even I have the right to judge me. My heart however is one of love and when that modern day leper crosses my path I hesitate not to look in their eye’s and reach out my hand and that is how I feel close to my Lord. Please reach out your hand and make positive change and growth a part of our daily lives.

On bended knee I humbly ask my lord and any I may have offended with my thoughts and feelings shared. It has been shared with a message of love or that was its intent. Forgive me please.


6 thoughts on “An open letter to those that would “Save my soul”

  1. I am reminded of a story that a friend told me just recently, about being stranded in Vernal or some aweful place; waiting for a family member to help him out, and the most unexpected and peculiar person approached him, asking if he was….? My friend replied yes, and the gnarly Harley looking dude gave him a few things to help him out, exchanged a few words, and then gave him something very special. I know that moment and gift is a very important part of my friend’s life, soul, and outlook on life and humanity. You are asking a question here, that most people can not, will not, or will shun away from because they might be feeling attached – that is guilt, which is a sin. There are a lot of people out there who wouldn’t recognize Jesus if he walked through the back door. But you would! Just like my friend. 🙂

      • Thank you for taking the time to comment, your friend sounds like an awesome person… I however would probably not recognize Jesus unless he wanted me to. I would however no matter how he was dressed or how he was groomed look him in the eye with a genuine smile and wish him a great day! Thanks and I hope you have a beautiful day!

  2. The people who do things like attack and judge are usually ignorant about the God they serve and like Jesus, we got to forgive them! Wasting time arguing or trying to prove you’re just as Godly is a waste of time because it will never be enough. Even Mother Teresa was criticized by Pat Robinson for not being a real Christian. Yes, the woman who cared for AIDS patients and took in orphans was called names and questioned about her devotion to God. So consider it a compliment when you’re judged and called names, it means you’re on the right path!

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