Character flaws and Gold…

As time passes it seems that days get shorter, lists become longer and well for me my greatest challenges personally come to the forefront. I am one that believes in putting my money where my mouth is so to speak. One challenge in particular for me is one of character, the building blocks of my soul.

It is hard or so it seems at times to accept that a person has bad days as well as good ones, I have been known from time to time to have a bad day. It must be rather rare especially of late that I emotionally react in a negative manner, or perhaps respond with venom in my rather soft spoken way. I may and have in fact shed tears even on occasion shared tears with my fellow workers of both love and pain. The light side of me so to speak, recently on a few occasions my dark side has prevailed bringing a major challenge.

Five years ago I would have not have considered my sarcastic and somewhat harsh comments a problem after all it was my nice way of being mean. Making a point in a way designed to provoke a response usually a negative that would with hope lead to a positive. Something totally me would be “ Do you just wipe one cheek  when you take a dump ? Then why did you do a half a..s job with that?” I have literally hundreds of one liners that can chop as do many people. I ask myself later ” Where is the love?” and “What were you thinking?”

That in reality is not at all what my soul is about nor what my hero’s are about. Who I am is not an abusive hurtful soul so why would I ever choose such a way? A character flaw, an ego problem, a lack of a back up plan, lack of education, something missed in youth? No a lack of love, a lack of responsibility, a lack of self control and a lack of consultation with my conciseness is at hand.

The point is I suppose that I recognize that I am not living the golden rule nor the rule of love when I relieve my pressure and display my lack of character people notice. Change takes time and great effort after five years of conscious effort I have made great strides and improvements yet still have far to go. In life there are many times when things are going to get tough it is far better to choose the positive and loving solutions. Live the life of consciousness and consult your soul, check that your character is in line with you and who you really are and want to be.

John Wayne or Andrew Dice Clay? True grit or Ghetto Gangster? White hat or Black hat? You are the one that is responsible for the character we see, is it the one you want us to see? I try to present the character I am inside and lead as well as live by example. Being a human I am subject to bad days and it is those days that challenge my character most. The moral of this story is change is good, the investment in yourself and your character is far more valuable than gold! The investment in your soul is what makes our world, your world a better place. Turn your bad days into treasure for your soul,learn and grow be the best you you can be.

Thank your for allowing me to share a thought or two and spew my dirt into your atmosphere, I hope it was at least thought provoking and if nothing else made you smile well then all was worth the writing. Please make positive change an active part of your being, a random act of kindness or a good morning to the homeless guy on the corner go much farther than you would think.


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