My latest heros…

In the last few weeks I have read a number of inspirational stories that have a common denominator as I am sure that most stories of inspiration do. What sets these stories apart and yet makes them special and have the same common denominator is action. The people involved all took positive action to affect change in their communities, their lives and the lives of others. I strive in my daily life to make positive change within my self and in turn by example hope to affect positive change in my world. As I continue to seek that cause that so inspires me I continue to be inspired by many people in my life and some that touch my heart from far away. I would like to share two in hopes we may all have the strength and courage as well as the love in our hearts to take action and affect positive change.

One story all over the internet was about a seventy year old lady in England somewhere who rose to the occasion with vigor to defend her local jewelry store and her community. She single handedly approached and told a group of thugs told them to leave and then forced them to leave. Her courage and strength of character is an example for us all, to not be weak and to stand up for what is right. She wanted no fame or reward other than a safe community, one she would defend rather stand by and watch as it falls to a misguided generation guided and educated by our Media outlets to be disrespectful and destructive that bad is good and good is bad. The youth showed great restraint showing that there are some values of a positive nature that have made it into the mind set of our youth yet where are their values and character.

One story again on the internet was of a man that had paid his due for mistakes he made as a young man, from his experience he was inspired to spend a month in a prison of his making in an empty lot in a crime ridden neighborhood. He hoped to inspire the youth in a neighborhood that needs a positive voice, a voice that de glamorizes the criminal element and puts the harsh reality of violence and the consequences of such behavior. The only way to counter the message our youth are subjected to is through lessons shared by and with those that have experienced the violent world portrayed both fictional and not on our televisions and on our big screens. To spend a month in a cell with no windows or insulation is admirable to do that during the coldest time of the year makes a statement of the love in his heart for the youth he see’s fighting a battle of good and evil not knowing the harsh reality of a poor choice and it’s effects on the many people in their lives. A month in freezing temperatures talking to the youth that need a positive example and role model in hopes that if he can change a life alter a course and give these young men a chance to see reality from a different perspective. No smoke no mirrors just hard cold reality.

I am not sure how the laws work regarding sharing these stories so I have mentioned no names yet wish to say thank you just the same. Your love shared sets a great example for us all and in it’s unique way what makes you hero’s to me and beautiful human beings. Thank You!

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you and I hope we all can take action in ourselves and in our communities to affect positive change and growth through out our world.


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