All by myself or with the help of the….

Amongst the tests and challenges life has thrown me of late one has been recurring since my youth. The challenge for me is two fold as my conscience say’s  to accept how other people are and embrace the qualities that make them unique. My conscience also however say’s that when things are wrong then we need to work on fixing them.

During the last few months one of my co workers has somehow thrown me a curve ball that has been extremely hard to hit. He is an individual of strong will and a loud mouthed opinion with regards to those less fortunate. His view is, “nobody gave me anything  I worked for all I have and no one helped me get nothing”.

I personally have an issue with that whole concept. Not one living soul has gotten to where they are in life with out the help of someone and for most of us the help of many, many someones. To start with our mothers, for without them we would not be. Then lets add our fathers, their fathers and mothers, the educators, the community organizations and leaders, church groups, brothers, sisters, friends, chance encounters with those we have never met and yet help us in our daily lives in many ways.

The reality it seems to me is that we need the help of others as well as we need to help others, as none of us is capable of “Doing it all alone”. My particular problem is that, as I try to become a better human being, I realize how much others have helped me get to where I am and it is very hard not to fall back and let my co worker have it with both barrels so to speak.

First of all the lack of compassion for his fellow humans, and the lack of acknowledgement to his fellow humans is not something I would do or how I would feel, so acceptance is hard. The fact that my human nature wants to be right and my ego pushes for action compounds the problem. So I chose to just say that no one makes it on their own and we all have had help from someone and will continue to do so as long as we exist. I would like to say thank you to those that have helped me in the past present and future for with out you and the love of the good lord above I wouldn’t exist.

We all need help and need to help because as people we would and do get much farther helping and working together that pretending we can do it all alone! I hope you all have a great day and remember that by helping others we help ourselves and make positive change in our world. Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts with you.


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