Fix it!

About 2000 years ago a movement was started a peaceful movement with only one objective and one desire. The message was one of love and acceptance forgiveness and compassion, the golden rule and the idea that helping your fellow-man and indeed serving him would lead to a better world with all men looking out for each other. The messenger and the message challenged yet even after 2000 years what is the crime or the reason for all the questions?

The truth be told there is no wrong in loving your neighbor or your brother or any other human being , there is no harm in feeling compassion for those in need or pain. Why in this day are we still making wars when there is no winner in war? The money it costs to launch one air to ground missile starts at 1 million dollars the same 1 million dollars could buy  food for thousands of needy families or provide jobs for our needy youth.  The billions of dollars spent fighting in the current war could end homelessness and hunger as well as provide millions of jobs through redevelopment of our cities rebuilding of our transportation systems and rebuilding our factories and manufacturing base.

Rather than keep beating a horse that I can not make run or turn or stop and go. I hope to with the help of many other of my fellow human beings to organize and in fact through the love and common desire of our beings to work as a humanity to end poverty and despair, hunger ? With all the resources on this planet there is no excuse for people to be starving.

I had thought a peaceful hour of no shopping or working on Black Friday at the height of the day say one o’clock. The 350 million American mom’s and dad’s with their children just stop shopping, stop working and driving etc. and stand united where ever they may be and let our politicians know enough is enough. Just fix it! I know as well as the next me shopping or not shopping for one hour no loss. All 350 million American citizens not shopping for one hour wouldn’t matter financially yet would look mighty menacing to the cash registers and computers on wall street. I don’t believe that either party want’s to see poverty and disparity in our streets. I don’t believe the super wealthy want to see the poverty and despair either yet our “ leaders both in the Government and business as well as our spiritual leaders need to just step up and fix it.

In the day we live in we can have a peaceful revolution with out one violent act without one negative word we as people can make our point and effect change in our times. We don’t have to stand in the freezing snow and ice in Valley Forge starving to make a statement, we don’t have to give our blood to say we have had enough. We can say however we won’t buy anything for one hour and collectively we can make a statement that we want more AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS to choose from or we want to see more programs for the new wave of homeless the young families and old families forced to live in our new reality. The American dream? The nightmare of our current reality the product of corporate greed and political greed and the real fear that is perpetuated by the control of our lives through wages driven by  not the  service but by the cheapest wage one can give.

The ideas are not mine, the desire however to help see them come to light well that shouldn’t be all mine either. I am sure there are many that would like to see the stupidity of war converted to the positive and constructive building and funding of raising the standards of all rather than leaving major pockets of poverty and despair across our country and our planet. United we stand and well lets get uniting! Thank you for allowing me to share some of my feelings and thoughts with you. As always your feedback/input is very welcome…

By the way to give credit where it is due … Thank you Jesus


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