On Martin Luther King Jr. day or…

Equal rights day it is somewhat ironic that one of the visions and one of the most important ideas still is not realized. During the time of his marches and the movement he lead one of his most noble ideas, was to end the war in Veit Nam and spend the money from the war to create jobs and end poverty creating the country our founding fathers envisioned.

What would the 100’s of billions of dollars spent in our current war do towards eliminating poverty and creating jobs? We have come a long way in some respects, yet we still have far to go. At one point 73 or so percent of the population dis agreed with Dr. King for his view on the war. If I ask a hundred random people on the street the question ” would you rather spend money to hurt people or help people?” the answer without hesitation is help people.

In honor of Dr. King and his dream I for one ask my leaders to step up to the plate and make positive change and end the war and create some jobs and end poverty once and for all. One year of the same effort and the money spent at war against poverty and joblessness would go along way towards healing and growing our collective human race and furthering equal rights in our country and human rights on our planet.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings. I hope we all can help each other along the path of life and perhaps bring about positive change to our world. Thank you Dr King for your leadership and your love.


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