Where oh where have I been…

It’s been a while since I have written, many reasons and several excuses cross my mind as to why. I suppose no explanation is really necessary yet an explanation may give an insight into my world and as small glimpse into my feelings and my mind. With that in mind let me apologize to those that have taken the time to read my ramblings. I often wonder what people must think when they read the words I write, some may even be entertained by my thoughts and the situations I find myself in. For those that have wondered what has become of me well….

I have been trying to find a way to accomplish what I had in mind when I started writing this blog in the first place. I suppose as the inspiration to try and be a better human being and help others do the same, learning from the negative and sharing the positive. Mankind has advanced and evolved from the sharing of knowledge and feelings of our collective ancestors both the negative and positive and how the experiences have made us who we are today.

My personal situation shared perhaps adds an element of humanism that adds a legitimacy to my feelings and hopefully inspires others to help make positive growth and change for our  time and those generations yet to come.

After my trip back east to take my son to his mothers, the transportation situation in my life became a small adventure of it’s own. The car I had traded for experienced transmission failure, listening to friends and with their help a month later I still had an unreliable car with a junk yard transmission and a hand full of left over bolts… I traded it in at a buy here pay here place for another car. The car was stolen two day’s after I got it and found two day’s later. Since then I have had three other cars from the car dealer and have yet to have a car that I can feel comfortable calling mine. As of today I am driving a rather large pick up truck, a loaner until the car I mentioned I liked is fixed.

Work has been another interesting adventure, in August I started a job that I and the other 41 people I work with thought would last for at least one year yet more than likely would last several years. Well after three months our first Thursday of the new year began with a rather discouraging meeting of encouragement. The Government is cutting back and the people doing special projects like remodeling VA Hospitals are part of the budget cuts. We will be lucky if we are still working in March as most of the crew is feeling like we won’t get another pay period.

Then the inside of me , I miss my children dearly having last seen them in August. Birthday’s and holidays are lonely days in part of my heart yet not my soul. I miss my kids yet know that they love me so my heart aches yet my soul make me smile. When asked recently by a friend at work what the highlight of my holiday’s was it took only a moment to respond. The Angel Tree I said, the Angel tree was the perfect way for me to share the holiday spirit. I picked a girl of twelve and a boy of eight a brother and sister that had asked for just some clothes and a small toy or two one being a scooter and a volley ball.

The people I love and those I work with and share life with all contributed towards the gifts for those children. I as I shopped remembered shopping for my children and spoke with them as I shopped gaining their thoughts ideas and their contribution to helping a fellow human being, child and family have at least one day of joy and happiness knowing that someone cares and loves them. It is the love shared both by giving when you can and receiving when you must that has helped us evolve the most.

It is in my heart that all will be fine in my world and life a new job will be there for me and maybe the good lord willing and some luck it will allow me more time with my children either by location or thru travel. A car is a car and well just as long as I get one that is reliable I am grateful for the loaner and the courtesy shown by the dealer. On the bigger picture the desire to help make positive change well… I need the help of many more talented and willing to effect real change. I would like to find a way to make a statement and inspire as many as I can to do the same.

In this day and time we have the tools given through technology to effect mass change and mass communicate ideas and thoughts to make a peaceful statement to the mega corporations and the political entities they in effect control in various ways. Imagine if you will 6 billion citizens of the planet earth stopping their daily activities, shopping, driving, watching tv etc. to stand united and peacefully for just an hour as neighbors and human beings united for positive change. It may be a dream but it would certainly make a statement that as mankind we have had enough greed and hate. United hunger can and would end homelessness and illiteracy can and would end. The divide between the ultra rich and the desperate could dis appear if we as human beings citizens would stand united and no longer accept the un-acceptable.

No one goes through life or even could survive life alone, we all need to help and be helped at some point in our lives. These are the best of times as we can share information and feelings as well as thoughts with many in a way that has never been possible till now. We can in effect have a peaceful silent revolution against war and greed by standing united and silent against the atrocities we still have against our fellow man in the name of money and hate for those just like us.

Ideas and organizational skills are needed and with our help we can make positive change. Thank you, for taking the time to stop and allow me to share my thoughts and feelings. Thank you WordPress for being here and allowing me to share my banter…


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