Coincidence chance or destiny?

I have often wondered if things really happen for a reason or is it just random forces of nature or perhaps it’s just the way it is. That car breaking down the day you finished paying for it or the day the warranty ended. You buy the same car twice and one ends up being totaled once and the other burned up in a garage. Yet you still want that third one, just because you liked the car.

I read a book not to long ago about coincidences and what they mean, although there are probably hundreds on the subject. To make a long story short the author said that coincidences are to tell you something that you need to know. Usually a person has a message of some sort to help you along your course of destiny or a recurring turn you never take leads you to another path that takes you towards your destiny.

I suppose that I am writing in reflection of my conversation with an old friend over the last few days. It was interesting to see how close to the same place we were as people after living two totally separate lives in two different worlds. We both had lived life since we were young men in our early teens. Our out look is very similar as far as living life. If you didn’t live it and make some mistakes you didn’t learn anything.

He never left Utah lived his life went through a rough divorce and went to seek the help of a therapist, read dozens of self help books and grew as a human being evolving into the person he is becoming and is meant to be. I went in the service, lived and moved on to NY. the big Apple the early to mid eighties, to make big money and with big dreams. Got married had children went through an ugly separation and divorce saw a therapist, read dozens of self help books and wouldn’t you know we both ended up where we were, evolving and becoming better human beings. Coincidence led my friend and I to where we are today I wonder if it’s an act of randomness or part of the plan?

Not everybody is a reader of self help books yet we all can on occasion use a different perspective and the guidance of another to look at alternate solutions to many of life’s most difficult situations. The perspective of an outsider and especially one that has the gift of being a therapist or mental health professional is just like seeing a doctor for a broken arm or cancer.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you. I hope we can all make positive changes even small ones help make our world a better place.


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