We can make change happen…

I have been very disturbed by many things political in my life the most memorable and impressionable was the Removal of President Nixon and the chain of events that led to the installation of President Ford. That was my first taste of the Dark side of America and it was on the news  it was every where I was maybe six or seven and the proudest young American  alive till the morning we had no President because our elected one had lied. I was so upset I didn’t want to go to school, if the President lied who could we trust? My question was answered by every adult I came in contact with, son politicians all lie it’s just the dumb ones that get caught in it.

It disturbs me now to see the bickering amongst the people I know and apparently the Nation as well in these very trying times. So I have come to recognize a few truths I have observed over my adventures that I would like to share.

Manufacturing jobs, technology jobs, assembly jobs, even customer service jobs have been outsourced for no other reason than greed. Cheaper labor, cheaper resources, cheaper taxes no benefits = more PROFIT

Politicians on both sides in order to make business happy have made great concessions at the expense of our country with our blessings. There have been many that have spoken out along the way with words of warning and words of wisdom yet most never listened. As we reached out with blind faith that our leaders were doing what was best for our Nation after all we elected them didn’t we they were the cream of the American political crop weren’t they? Just like today politicians lie, they can’t tell the truth or they won’t get the money.

Politicians are bought and paid for by Business that is just the way it is! Big money is what it takes to get elected and well Joe middle class doesn’t have big money. Joe dirt doesn’t have big money so where does the big money come from? Some say Unions, I say yes Unions they are big business now days not grass roots workers making a stand for a living wage so their family’s can live with dignity and the moms can be home raising the children with the good values and love a mom shares with their children. Now they pay for politicians that represent their particular piece of the pie. So do many other large entities that have a stake in matters of business and its ability to generate a profit.

America in its best economic times was booming and thriving with manufacturing jobs and propelled by technology advancing the way man lived. Living wages were made by working men and women yet the wages made for the most part enough so that one parent could be home for the children, our most precious natural resource, and the future of America. Most jobs were Union and everybody was doing fine, businesses were profitable and workers were being fairly compensated.

I am not a lawyer or politician and I am not expressing anything but the obvious the greed of a few has resulted in a new reality for America. The laws written that negotiated away our manufacturing base have already brought us down a few notches. We haven’t replaced manufacturing with anything and we certainly haven’t advanced anywhere else that will fill the void. Education falls as politicians and citizen’s fight over what is quality education and how much one is entitled to?

We as Americans should be reaching for the stars; we are all equal and should be fighting for the best for everyone not just ourselves. America isn’t about “me” it’s about us. That is why it’s called “The United States of America.  United means all of us, us to include those corporations that want to be citizens and profit with us. We as a nation should be reflecting and learning from our past, embracing what makes us great and changing what brings us down. Faults and weakness can be changed and turned into strengths.

Together we can make positive change thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you. I hope you all remember we are all in this together and we all can find a common ground through love and acceptance. As you overcome the obstacles in life take your neighbors hand and help pull him over with you we all deserve the best.


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