Books and judgement

As I find myself surrounded by Christians of various faiths and various levels of religion in their lives it is interesting how different they conduct themselves. I had started out with the thought that we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. I was inspired to do so when I after all the work I have done on myself to not be judge mental of any of the creatures on our planet I still found myself doing so.

It was a couple of weeks ago on my way back from Pennsylvania that provided the backdrop for my story. My car had broken down in Wyoming; the Trooper from the Highway Patrol dropped me off at the gas station in town with a payphone. I was pretty much broke except for six dollars and that I needed for the pay phone. I went to get a bottle of water at the gas station, mistake for what I saw there was just sad, they only had 2 dollar bottled water. I chose a fountain drink for a dollar ten instead and went across the street to the park.

The park was gorgeous it overlooked Green River and the canyon it had formed the water flowing swiftly and just slightly brown from a rain storm somewhere along one of the tributaries. The grass soft and plush, the kind I like to lie in and look at the sky, a favorite of the local rabbits as well. I had been laying back on a backpack relaxing when I heard a rather loud motorcycle pull into the parking lot at the park.

I stood up and brushed the sand off my but and took one last drag of my cigarette, as one rather large man with a bandana around his head and a Harley vest over his t shirt walked towards me from the direction of the parking lot. He was smiling and asked if I could help him, curious and being me I responded sure what ever I can do for you I will. He asked if I had seen a man named Joe, what a coincidence I responded then he asked my last name and informed me that my brother had sent him to help a little. He handed me an envelope with a twenty and a note on the back watch for your mom’s car. The envelope came from the bank my youngest brother works at; the man that carried it was the husband of one of the ladies that works at the branch of that bank in the town I was stuck in.

I learned many things about Stan and myself in a few short minutes; first we both had a certain view of things that held great truth for both of us. We had gotten on the subject of religion partially because Stan wasn’t your typical Mormon guy that I imagined my brother calling friend. He said as I was about to that Jesus had no fondness of religion either when I inquired about his relationship with my brother and his faith. We chatted briefly while we walked towards the parking lot. He was a youth minister at a local ranch for youth in need. He introduced me to his wife and asked if he could give me a gift. A gift I responded would not be necessary as they had already given me a gift if not several.

He reached in his saddle bags and pulled out a Bible a very pretty and new Bible, he asked that I read a few versus he selected and with that I accepted his gift. It must have been strange for his wife to see two grown men that had never even met hug and part ways wishing each other and theirs the best of life and the love that goes with it.

In the end I miss judged many things and people that day and sometimes I catch myself and ask what if that man or lady could share the secret of life with me. I know they can as we all can the secret is”love others as you would love yourself” a quote from the teachings of a non religious man.  Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings


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