Common sense and today

As Labor Day is here again and about to be history I can say that all in all it has been a good day, with the exception of a couple of debates I read about overheard or just was curious enough to look into. The one thing different about this Labor Day was I was getting paid for it. Imagine that and I don’t have a Union job for a Union Company even if I did I usually didn’t get paid for Labor Day.

I had been working with an older gentleman for about an hour when he commented that he liked the way I worked. Thank you I responded and he then chose to elaborate “You have common sense, not many I have worked with as of late have much of it any more”. I suppose that my upbringing and those that influenced my person deserve the credit if that is so. I can’t recall the amount of times someone close to me yet far wiser said to me “Use your god given common sense boy, what where you thinking?”

That brings me to what has been on mind for a while in regards to Common Sense there are I imagine many different thoughts and views of common sense if there in fact is such a thing. There is one such example that may prove true and in fact is a truth for many at a time not so long ago in the history of the country I call home. As I read the words over the years one part stands out and I relate to most is in the introduction.

Thomas Paine, Common Sense 1776

The cause of America is, in a great measure, the cause of all mankind. Many circumstances have, and will arise, which are not local, but universal, and through which the principles of all lovers of mankind are affected, and in the event of which, their affections are interested. The laying a country desolate with fire and sword, declaring war against the natural rights of all mankind, and extirpating the defenders thereof from the face of the earth, is the concern of every man to whom nature hath given the power of feeling; of which class, regardless of party censure, is

When our forefathers started this country many years ago they had envisioned a place where we were all equal not by the laws of man but by the laws of nature and our hearts. The goal was for all to succeed and prosper working together they changed the world in a way that benefited and benefits the cause of all mankind.  We are looked upon by the rest of the world and have been since we started out a Nation Ruled by its people.

The book is still relevant in some ways today only the kings are not given titles of king it’s usually a little less formal and they are a little less known for their part and the role they play. They run multi billion dollar corporations and big businesses of all kinds. They buy and pay for the politicians on both sides of the fence. They brain wash the masses with stories of greedy Unions and greedy workers that don’t deserve the living wages they demand.

For me I have been asked many times about my thoughts on Unions, I have many most good and some well not so well. However in the end it becomes a matter of using my “God given common sense”!


Union carpenter 28.00 plus benefits

Non union carpenter 20.00 no benefits

Common sense tells me that 28.00 an hour with benefits is certainly better than 20.00 with no benefits. It also tells me that the job must be worth that rate of pay. I often wonder why people complain about those making a good wage rather than their bosses that don’t pay them a good wage. Why do we blame the worker with out whom there would be no profit rather than reward them?

Part of being an American is the cause of America and all mankind. It is time for the people to stop buying into the greed and politics of greed. The bickering in our country is being seen and felt in every country on the planet. I hope we can field some leaders that can work to solve our problems rather than causing more. No single party is to blame they both are as are “we the people. “ I also hope that we can all make positive change and help our planet grow in a positive way. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts.


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