What a suprise…

It’s sometimes amazing to me how and when things happen, especially unexpected yet nice things. I started a new job and the first day we pretty much had an orientation all day. For me it was interesting as usually a person in my line of work is not invited to such affairs. Actually we only got a quarter of the two day seminar barring us from the “box lunch”. I say that with a smile laughing, for those that would rather not be in our company. We don’t have to hear the lectures on sexual harassment policies or the office computer use policies well I haven’t had to hear them all and figure that we must be the most trusted of them all.

I took the tour with the eight other new guys and chatted with the crew as we took pauses a typical thing on the first day. Today we actually began working on the project which is supposed to last a year or there about. As the day progressed I spoke with a gentleman named Brent.  I thought he was around the same age as I and over the varied conversations we had I recognized a familiar pattern in his speech.

About an hour before our day was to end I realized that I knew him from another time and place. I asked him if he went to Granger High. Yes he said class of 82. Would you perhaps have lived on 40th west? Yes and I still do he replied. A flood of memories bum rushed my mind. He looked at me trying to recall a name a place anything he could associate with me and his mind to help him know who I was.

It had been many years since we had seen each other almost thirty. The years had changed us both I had an Eastern accent but got skinnier wore glasses had gray hair, he had gotten skinnier was gray around the edges and had no accent. In truth we had both grown considerably neither one of us is fat just certainly not how we were the last time we chatted. I was 5”11 and weighed all of 110 pounds; he was 5’11 and maybe 130 pounds. We were about 16 and the world was our oyster from the time I was ten Brent, I and three other guys were best friends and had many adventures together.

Things had changed time had passed and we had lost touch I joined the Army the moved on to the East coast and stayed for 25 years. He became a carpenter and stayed in his hometown yet we had many lessons behind us and interestingly enough we were both grateful for the hard lessons as well as the good. Time and life teach us many lessons one of which is that we should embrace our lessons both good and not so good and be grateful for having had the opportunity to have learned them.

If you want to be a good dirt bike rider you have to push to the edge and crash a few times, to be a good dancer you have to fall a few times, to be a good person you may have been not so good a few times. We have and do live life as well as love life; we have made our share of mistakes and had our share of success. The wonderful thing about living is learning and loving; the wonderful thing about my day was seeing an old friend and sharing some love.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my thoughts and feelings with you. I hope we can all reach for and make positive change happen. I recently saw a bumper sticker that conveyed a message I liked. “Change starts with me”. Share, love and be positive forces of change. Thank you once again and hope you have a great day!


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