Silver linings are sometimes hard to find…

Sometimes it’s hard to find a good thing about a bad thing or the silver lining so to speak. Usually I try to keep things positive and most of the time there is an upside. Even in the most down situation I find myself thinking “It could be worse”. I really don’t like to take that stand as then I am off on thoughts of how much worse it could be.

My thoughts then usually turn to situations where I have a very hard time imagining a silver lining. Such as being hungry and imagining how it must feel to those far less fortunate in a third world country with no food and what food there is has been stolen and sold back for far more than one can afford. I read a story about a time not so long ago in South Africa when a man I consider one of my hero’s was visiting a village of very poor people. The man Desmond Tutu had been visiting in a small village and was speaking to a young girl. She was obviously very hungry, he asked what do you do when you are hungry and there is nothing to eat. She told him she drinks more water then her belly feels full.

The thought just brings tears to my eyes and many emotions start to whirl around in my heart and head. I suppose that the biggest lesson for me is that I see the silver lining in many way’s .The tears I cry are of sorrow and happiness sorrow for the obvious reason that she has no food yet, pride and happiness for her strength and her innocence. I also have gratitude for what I have as little as it is at times, I am very fortunate to have what I have been blessed with.

When I am hungry instead of feeling like things can be worse and thinking about a little girl starving in Africa I think about a brave young soul that is grateful for water. I stand back and think of how grateful I am to have what I have even if it’s water. I have opportunity and love on my side where as some have far less. The thing I am trying to share is rather than think how things could be worse I have learned to appreciate the things I have.

Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share some of my thoughts. I hope we can all take the time in our lives to smell the flowers and appreciate what we have and perhaps share a little with those less fortunate. Sharing is a form of love and brings about positive change and growth. I hope you all have a great day and share some love with your fellow humans.


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