Black clouds … The end (for this storm)

This should and will be the last part of this short glimpse into the last few weeks of my life and why I hadn’t been writing. There are a few things I should say before going any farther, first thank you to my family and friends especially my creator. Special thanks to my most beautiful friend Vicky and my beautiful Mom for all their help and support. However the biggest and most loving thank you I give to my children for the things they have taught me and the love they have shown. Thanks as well to the many people that have touched my life in so many different ways.

We crossed into Denver it was a Saturday around noon looked for a tire shop billboard and decided just to drive to the industrial section and look for a tire shop ask around and get a used tire to finish the trip. I guess I spoke Chinese as the people I asked just didn’t know how to respond or there were no tire shops for a hundred miles… We stopped at the grocery store and maybe looked like stalkers or something I hardly think so however. We made it all the way to North Carolina on that tire although we did put air in it several times along the way.

We arrived at my son’s house in North Carolina to a sleeping house so to speak, with the exception of three new additions that is. The family had acquired three new dogs since I had seen them last. Well so much for sleeping! It’s all good however and the next couple of days were awesome spending time with the grandkids and enjoying the company of my sons and my daughter in law. Many things were shared and much love was felt by all. Fishing with the boys was a special treat and a treasured memory along with the time spent just enjoying each others being together.

I got my son home and stayed a couple of days then headed back west, the car sounded like it had marbles in the transmission when I stopped for gas in Ohio. It’s funny the thoughts that ran through my mind. Many they were and being a man of many paths walked right down the path of risk and my heart rather than logic and wisdom. The whole effort wasn’t meant to end with me stranded in Ohio was it? I drove on debating route 70 or route 80 on route 70 gas was cheaper and there were no tolls. Route 80 was a pretty much straight shot; I however only had 170 dollars after getting gas in Youngstown. When ever I pass through a place like Youngstown or a place where things happened that affected change in a radical way I try to think about those sacrifices and honor those memories if even only in my heart. In a way I should thank Neil Young for etching the words in my head and my conscience for knowing the truth.

I made it all the way to Green River, Wyoming nursing the car at every stop for gas off and on nice and easy up to speed, cruise control. Green River where a few miles after town, as I had felt like it was going to be just fine and I’d make it. The car blew smoke and stopped pulling forward; I turned the car towards the shoulder and coasted to a stop. Wyoming is a big and beautiful state with a small population and an apparent dispute with some cell phone providers as far as sharing towers and providing coverage. My phone didn’t work in the state of Kansas either. As people drove by looking at me sitting in the 90* heat on the side of the road I pointed at my phone and shook my head not working.

I did get assistance from the Highway Patrol a very nice officer that made the situation much better and gave me a lift to town to wait the hours it would take to get help from Salt Lake or Highlands where my brother lives. It took thirty or so hours to get my car from the side of the road to the driveway it now sits in and a lot of help from people that I love and love me.

In what seem like bad situations I try to shift my thoughts from the negative rather then embrace them. I have no choice but to acknowledge them as I am living through them. Yet when for example the transmission went in the wagon in Idaho I had a great time sharing with my son and setting a good example by maintaining my composure and taking a hike to kill time while waiting. We talked to the local towns’ folk the mechanic, the BBQ king and his wife, the workers at the lottery shop gas station good people all of them happy to share some time and offer a hand.

Quite the lesson for my son an East coast kid, Communities are much larger and far less trusting back east. The town had maybe two hundred citizens at most and life there is different than in a big town. Why I ask, well that is another post for another day. The thing is for me that if the car hadn’t broken down my son and I wouldn’t have gotten to meet Walt, Beth, or Pat nor would we have seen their town and explored the hills around their town. If the car had passed the test I would have left without seeing one of my brothers. He came and rescued me and well we got a few hours together.

None of this would have been possible without love and the love of many would be more correct.  I hope we can all make change happen in a positive way, love makes change happen. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you, I hope you all have a wonderful day. One last thank you to the mother of my children for giving them a stable home and the love you give them.


3 thoughts on “Black clouds … The end (for this storm)

  1. Hey, you should have told me you were swinging by Ohio! I love road trips because you never know what will happen. They’re scarey, thrilling, boring, and everything in between. The only thing that is certain on a trip is that you must let go a little to get to where you need to be. There will be delays, set backs, and detours you just have to decide how you’re going to deal them.

    P.S. Love your blog!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and the comments well you know they are always welcomed and appreciated especially coming from you. I am glad that you like road trips and yes they are always an adventure. Thank you again and I look very much forward to reading about your latest on your blog which I happen to love as well.

  3. ya, i enjoyed how you looked at the opportunities of goodness instead of focusing on the negative. If I could teach the younger generation anything that would be to not worry about a thing.

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