The fact is that every day was a tomorrow before it was today… Last week I went to the temp place every day and didn’t get a days work ten hours of my life somewhat wasted. The first day of the week there were so many people there at five am. there was no parking left in the lot. One guy told me he got there at four am. Yet there were two other guys before him.

Tuesday came and I didn’t even bother going, I would be better off looking for a regular job that day. Funny thing the temp place called me at seven am. , and the dispatcher asked if I would be available for a day as a laborer at a local construction site unloading a truck load of door frames. Sure I told him I would be there in a few minutes to pick up the paperwork.

The job site was typical yet there were a few things I noticed right off the bat, one there were no illegal workers. There were a pair of Hispanic workers that were very nice and very much gentlemen, I enjoyed speaking with them as well as working with them. Any how the highlight of my morning was that by ten am. I had been promoted to carpenter and secured work at my trade scale rather than the eight dollars I would have gotten as a laborer.

The Superintendent was a very likeable Gentleman that had been around the business for many years even my career was short in comparison. Not only in years of working but in years of living, he had much to teach me on the first day I met him. The first was true appreciation for my work ethic and my ability to follow instructions. He had compassion after realizing I was a carpenter willing to and in fact was working for laborers wages just to put gas in the car and food on the table.

Tomorrow was yesterday and today as work keeps being there for the time being for that I am grateful and thankful for the good fortune and blessings that come my way in life. Miracles of course are all around us in many ways and forms, mine came this week in many ways as well. I guess for me I had to take a chance and talk to the superintendent, when he asked if I had been keeping busy I told him my situation. He basically hired me as a carpenter and put me to work, he was in need of another carpenter in a few days so I got lucky. Keep the faith and believe in yourself and the universe will look out for you, we all have our beliefs and I believe that my maker is looking out for me and all of us.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I hope we can all appreciate each other more and appreciate the grate fortune we have at this point in history. I hope as well that we work for positive change in our country as well as our planet.


One thought on “Tomorrow….

  1. Great post! I can relate to doing the temp hustle. I am a office temp and it’s no prettier there either. But once in a while a good opprotunity arises. In the mean time, I just continue freelance writing on the side to make up the difference in paychecks.

    I noticed that you don’t have a tweet button displayed yet. WordPress just came out with them just go to the My Account Tab>Edit Profile>Appearance (on the left hand side of the page)>Extras>Then check the box that says: Show a Twitter Tweet. Button. That’s if you want one!

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