Even for me the sun will shine!

Have you ever had one of those days that the sun just didn’t shine…? You know one of those days that you got up early and somehow were still late for every thing you and wanted to accomplish for the day. The coffee was cold, the shower was in use, you smoked your last cigarette the night before and the gas station was out of your kind… Or in my case you just didn’t have enough money for a pack. It rained and then it poured.

Breakfast… No time, rush out the door to get work before its all booked, get to the temp place and there are about a hundred people rather than just the typical forty or so. The crowd began arriving around five and now you are about number sixty on the list of which only about forty or so will have a spot to go to. Argggggh, no cash and no work.

My son is here with me for the last couple of weeks; his smile makes my day and haunts me at the same time. I love him dearly and want him to enjoy his visit out here before we make the trek back east. Work has been slow and things for my boy have been rough. He say’s don’t worry dad there is always tomorrow, everything is good. What a trooper he is I took him to my favorite fishing spot when I was a kid. We had no money for a license but it would do us both good to get out in what would be the equivalent of woods beck in PA. The boy was thrilled to be there and when I started picking up the debris in and around the creek he asked if I would like him to get the cup out on the rock in the middle of the creek.

With just a week or two left out here in Utah I had hoped that I would keep busy at work the two or three days of work I had been getting would leave us a little left after saving the expense money to get to PA. So that we may have at least one day fishing, before our adventure back to the East Coast. Most people have told me I am stupid to worry about taking my son fishing, especially when I am going back to PA with no job lined up and no cash reserves.  I however may be stupid as the memories from that one day in the creek might be the twenty or so dollars that might feed me in the near future or put gas in my car.

For me there is no choice as far as being stupid goes however. As I struggled with my gloomy mood, and tried to find the sun, on such a dark day. I found it when a dear and close friend told me not to be stupid and just concentrate on getting together as much cash as I could and get, your son will get over it he is just happy to be here with you. Yes that is true however I would have to say that the memories we will make on that one day fishing will by far surpass any meal or the few gallons of gas the same twenty dollars would buy. The sunny spot a cherished memory that I would have to say is a treasure that will be more valuable than gold to both of us. Especially in light of the sacrifices we both had to make to be there and make those memories.

The darkest of days still contain sunshine mine comes in many ways, this day it comes before the day has even happened. The point is that I guess just like in “Annie” the sun comes out tomorrow! Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and feelings with you!


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