A different Perspective…

Inspiration comes in many ways, for me one of the books I read a couple of years ago was very helpful and gave me another perspective that has helped inspire me to have another perspective. The book discussed the “Ego” and the harm it can cause. After reading the first couple of pages I was intrigued with the theory or concept. Since reading that book I have tried to deal with some of my issues by viewing them from another perspective.

The author’s message at least as I perceived it was that you are not your ego, you are your soul. Your physical being is separate yet connected to your soul. His rational: our minds think, our conscience is our soul, the mind thrives on ego and ego influences the mind yet what matters is in our souls our physical selves are not our souls.

An example from my own life when this helped me is fresh on my mind and bursting to come out. My brother and I had a discussion about religion. My brother is very active in his church and very religious we were discussing why I didn’t go to church like I did when I was younger. He is concerned that I won’t be with him in heaven being the heathen I am.

After a couple of hours of debate I thought about a possible middle ground as I searched my mind the lesson I had been meant to learn from that book sank in. This man was my brother and I love him dearly, he and I had different points of view. Both of us were being driven by ego as we both felt we were right and wanted to enforce that till our ego’s were satisfied that they had won. After all isn’t that the point of a debate or argument? Putting my ego aside and looking at it from another perspective I accept and love my brother just how he is. It is my ego that chooses to challenge his beliefs and religion; it is my ego that wants to be right. My soul knows however that what is right for him is right for him it is his way as is it right for me to accept that.

I felt drained and somewhat ashamed of my self for a while after he went home. What a waste I thought arguing over anything with one I so care about. We should have been enjoying each others company perhaps doing some hiking and enjoying something we have in common our love of nature or our love of our maker. It was then that I revisited what I had learned about my own truth and discovered that my ego was beating me up. Ashamed no more for I had accepted I am not perfect and sometimes being my own worst enemy is all in the ego that has evolved and lived in me since my innocent child was lost.

I personally think that if we can step back and consider our true feelings, separate our ego’s from our decisions in regards to some things. We would make great strides in moving forward in a positive manner. By recognizing that we are being driven by ego and pondering that which is ego and that which is you is enough to give you a different perspective. Ego is the evil behind Racism, hypocrisy, and hate among many other of our social and personal issues. Just another perspective, mine and thank you for allowing me to share it with you.

The book I refer to is one I highly recommend, if nothing else it may give you another perspective is “Finding Your life’s Purpose” A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Thanks Oprah for its is through her book club recommendation that inspired my mother to buy the book and give it to me. I hope we can all have beautiful souls.

Thanks Mom!


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