Would Jesus be considered a Socialist?

As the political atmosphere charges up and the negative thoughts and words of the season bombard us from all angles. I wonder as the nation struggles with its current economic and social situation. The country has many people of different views from various backgrounds. I wonder how one of the worlds leaders with a huge following would be regarded in today’s political climate.

The United States of America is regardless of race predominantly occupied with citizens that believe in some type of Christian Faith. Even those not of religion are not above the influence of Christian values. As we make our choices and move forward I encourage us all to think about the consequences. Those good and not so good that will affect our Nation for many years. The out come of which will affect many lives both now and in the future.

I am not a socialist however as I have observed and seen the word thrown around in the news and on blogs quite often as of late I wonder. The more I hear the term about our current President the more I wonder. Not to compare the two it does however make me wonder what the original Christians political classification would be.

Would Jesus, be considered a “Socialist“?  Is a socialist one that believes that we should help our fellow human beings? With out judgment and respect and honor those just as you would want to be respected and honored. Treating your neighbor, that may be out of work and down on his luck, with a little compassion and dignity. To want little live simple and accept others for whom they are. Don’t be greedy and work towards a solution that benefits all.  Would we call him a socialist and politically crucify him?

I wonder if Jesus was here running for office how many Christians would vote for him. As the Pot calls the Kettle black over the next few months I would ask that we ask ourselves what direction we want to go with change. The Nation screams for change, for new direction, for leaders that have strong moral values and actually live them. The values learned and lived through being fortunate enough to be a citizen born in America.

The bickering and bad mouthing is not the solution; I encourage you to ask yourselves the question. Would Jesus, be considered a “Socialist’? No matter what your religious beliefs or non religious beliefs that inner voice, your conscience, is stronger than your ego. Please choose your candidates with the help of your conscience as it is there that your true values are found. I am not saying we should become socialists, I don’t know the answer to our problems. I do know that the answers lay in positive and genuine change for the benefit of all.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with you.


7 thoughts on “Would Jesus be considered a Socialist?

  1. I have had this same thought…you’ve inspired me to expand on my own feelings about this. I think I’ll do some research haha. thanks!

  2. Thank you for the comment… I believe that many of us have thoughts along this line and had hoped to invoke a positive response. I look forward very much to reading your thoughts. Thanks for the smile!

  3. of course! It’s always interesting to learn about other people’s views and opinions, I just posted mine 🙂

  4. Me thinks if he were alive again the people who claim to be his biggest followers and admirers today would be the same people who would just as assuredly put him to death again.

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