The love of Grandparents…

Many of us have fond memories of our Grand parents and the loving ways they have influenced our lives. My last surviving grand parent my Grandmother on my moms side is getting up there in age. The times I get to see her are few over the last twenty or so years. She lives in Utah and I have been in Pennsylvania. When I do get to see her I always walk away with a feeling of peace and love in my heart. I recently visited with her and would like to share a part of that conversation with you.

I was about six years old and visiting my grand parents, my parents were getting divorced and things were a little chaotic in my young man world. It’s funny how Grandpa’s know just what a young boy needs… Camping, fishing and the great outdoors are the way to many a boys heart. My Grandpa was one of those men that just knew what would help me in any situation. This particular visit we were going to go to one of the places that my Grandpa considered as his church, his sanctuary his natural home.

We drove for what at the time for me seemed to be day’s. The worms in the box on the seat next to me were calling my name. The fishing gear, the sleeping bags, the cooler of supplies all spelled excitement to my young mind. Being born an adventurer I couldn’t wait to get there. As a young boy it was my dream to be a mountain man, live in the hills trap, fish and hunt my way through life. Just like the ” Grizzly Adams” on TV living off the land.

We arrived at the campgrounds and began to set up camp. While unloading the equipment and supplies I asked if I could sleep under the stars. Sure my Grandpa responded a look of pride in his eye’s. I asked if it would be safe, would snakes be able to get in my sleeping bag, would a bear be able to get me? To all of my questions my grandparents answered me and reassured me all would be well.

My Grandpa sent me out to get some firewood, he and my Grandma decided while I was gone gathering wood that they would sleep under the stars with me. That night we slept on the ground, no tent no cot’s just a few quilts and an old sleeping bag on the ground. As a child I really didn’t understand the love they had shown. It helped me in way’s that I am still trying to understand. My Grandparents wanted me to feel safe in nature so much so that they would sleep next to me on the ground when he had all the modern comforts to make his trip more pleasurable and not so primitive.

My Grandparents shared many things with me, however the most important and life changing they shared was love pure unconditional love. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for being you!

Thanks for stopping by and and taking time out of your busy day and allowing me to share some of my thoughts. Have a great day!


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