Funny how we remember things

Isn’t it funny how we all seem to remember things a little differently. My brothers, sister and I had an interesting conversation this weekend. We had gotten together for some swimming and a picnic lunch at my mother’s apartment complex this past weekend.

It was good watching our children play together and having great fun. While the adults were chatting and making small talk. Before long we were reminiscing and I mentioned a place we had gone to as children with our Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins well you get the picture.

I am in Utah where I spent part of my youth and where my family resides.My children have been with their mother in Pennsylvania. My son recently came out to Utah for a few weeks. While he is here I thought why not have a family trip like when we were kids and let our children experience what we did. Remember how much fun we had?

Well the memories were certainly different for all of us. My siblings had apparently tried such a trip while I was back East for the last twenty years with my own family. My brother Pat asked me “are you kidding what do you remember about Scipio, the creek is only three feet wide at its widest point.” ” The camp site is the size of our old back yard.” My brother Steve said ” My four-year old can jump across that creek. I don’t go fishing in creeks that my kids can jump across and the campsites, well they are small and leave a lot to be desired.” My sister didn’t say much neither did my brother George, perhaps they didn’t want to voice an opinion. They really don’t do a lot of fishing to my knowledge anyway.

I was a little surprised at their responses and the feelings inside me were running wild. My memories were exactly what they had described only not the way they described it. I sat on those feelings and thoughts, perhaps waiting for my mom to have her say. I would have to wait for the next day to hear her thoughts.

I took my son to visit with my Grandma the next afternoon. I mentioned the conversation I had with my siblings which started her reminiscing. It was very touching for both her and I as well as enlightening for my son. There are many place that we could have gone camping and fishing. The reason the “elders” chose that place with the narrow stream and the small campgrounds was for those reasons. They didn’t want children getting swept down a river or lost trying to find the camp in a huge campground. It is easier to teach a youngster to fish in a smaller environment. The list of reasons was long and all of them made sense to me.

We all remembered the place and we all remembered the times we had been there in about the same way. The funny thing to me is that I loved my memories and the good times in a different way. Thanks for stopping by!


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