Words we don’t want to hear…

I was reading an article posted on a blog yesterday and for me it reminded me of one of the most important day’s of change and growth in my adult life. Many times those we love and care about don’t want to hear things that may hurt our feelings. Many times we don’t say things that may offend or hurt those we love.

I have been told many things in life I didn’t want to hear sometimes I listened with an open mind. Other times I just turned it off, or became defensive. One particular time stands out in my mind, I suppose because of it’s profound effect. Even though I had heard these words hundreds perhaps even thousands of times over the course of my life.

The words ” Its not their fault it’s yours”…. I had sought help a few years ago in dealing with my children. The situation at home had gotten out of control. I was angry and did not know the right way to handle the situation so I sought help. After an hour in the therapists office those words were what she chose to share with me.

I left the therapists office angrier than when I went in, feeling that I was wasting my time and money. As it turns out however she was right. Those words that I didn’t want to hear have changed my life and opened my eye’s to accepting responsibility for my own lack of knowledge.
Knowledge is the key to positive change and sometimes hearing” words we don’t want to hear” inspire us to learn and become better people.

Thanks for stopping and allowing me to share a thought or two with you.


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