What happened to America the Beautiful?

Just an observation I would like to share. In the Sixties and the Seventies known to me and many others as the days of my youth America as I know it was a different place. It seems to me that much more emphasis on values was present in our country. Values that helped make America the great nation it had become.

The Television programing was for the most part Family oriented and helped reinforce good citizenship and family values. The televisions were made in factories here in America. Most of the cars we owned were made in America and by American Corporations paying good wages and Taxes to keep the country growing and providing a quality of life that we knew as the middle class. Steel was made in mills and manufacturing jobs as well as construction jobs were very plentiful. Farming was still profitable for the family farmer.

Back to television for a moment. There were commercials that sent a message as well as those to promote products. A few of the commercials would be as appropriate today as then. One of Woodsy Owl reminding not just the children but the adults as well ” Give a Hoot don’t pollute” help woodsy spread the word ” Don’t be a dirty bird”. The Indian Chief looking out over the land seeing destroyed rivers and dying Eagles with tears running down his cheek. Smokey the bear and “only you can prevent forest fires”. Did we loose something along the way? It seems that we put up a sign on the side of the road and hope for the same effect, unfortunately the trees grow and cover the signs and the commercials stop being played. The values reinforced lost the limelight the lessons learned forgotten.

It seemed that America the beautiful was on course to become a beautiful place indeed. Neighbors looked after each other, young men held the door for ladies, children played in the streets and all seemed to be well.

What happened to our great country, what happened to those values that made America so great and Beautiful? In the end I believe it is many things that have gone astray and perhaps many mistakes made. I do however wonder how much longer and how much farther down we as a nation and society as a whole needs to go before we pause take a good look recognize and correct the mistakes. The first step is recognizing the problems and well one I must say stands out is the apparent loss of some of our most important treasures our values.


2 thoughts on “What happened to America the Beautiful?

  1. It is the “Changemakers”, such as myself (and it seems you are one!), that make a difference by the stand they make. It is those values that will carry forward one person at a time. Aside from words, of course, it is our actions. It is far more important to show by example. 🙂

  2. Thanks for stoping by and especially for sharing your thoughts. Leading by example is a great way to start. I do however feel that we as citizens need to take a more involved role in what is happening in not only our country but in our world. Get out the word, provide alternative choices that will bring about positive change. Much like your passion and work for the small family farms and local grown produce. You have given alternatives and options that are healthy and promote positive growth. You are indeed a “Changemaker ” and an inspiration to many including myself.

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