What do you do when you find yourself? Play in the World Series…

You have found yourself.. Now what? You spent years discovering who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience what comes after that discovery. When you find that part of you that exists beyond thoughts and emotions, the divine self what do you do?
I am quite intrigued with the many thoughts shared here on WordPress by many as well as much of what is shared in Ancient and modern texts. I have a number of friends from around the world that I consider very wise spiritual beings. Many of those say that our divine self is here to observe and our existence is simply to discover our divine self or remember who we are. We are part of a spiritual being or a collective of souls that make up a spiritual being as such we are united as one. That collective of spiritual being not only includes souls it is a part of all that exists. We for the most part find that divine self through meditative observation learning that we are not our thoughts we are that which recognizes those thoughts.
Okay I will agree we are not our thoughts. We do however create with our thoughts. I personally think that quite often the Ancient wisdom shared is not quite understood. Perhaps I am mistaken yet I myself experienced a time recently when I was asked a question as far as being a neutral observer. What is the point of being just an observer? To sit on the sidelines in the game of life, what would be the point of being here just to observe? If we just observe and let our thoughts flow and go with no judgment or emotion what are we creating?
The tree doesn’t need to think or judge it just grows. Be like the tree?
The river doesn’t need to think or feel it just flows. Be like the river?
The bird doesn’t need to think it just flies? Hmm

The bird thinks and learns to fly by observing its parents flying, the Lion learns to live and hunt by observing its parents living and hunting, we as humans learn many things by observing our parents and our societies. Human are blessed with the gift of being able to think and observe our thoughts from a higher perspective. In observing from a higher perspective we have the gift of choosing and creating from a higher perspective.

Although I do agree that we must become observers of our thoughts to discover our inner truth and higher self I do not agree with the perspective that we are here to merely observe. I agree that we should go with the flow as does the river flow and the tree grow.. That flow is embracing the positive thoughts as they come and going around the negative ones as the river goes around the rock. Eventually the positive thoughts break down the negative thoughts like the river wears down the rock.
We are here to engage and interact, to create beautiful things for the greater good of all that exists. How do we do that? We find our higher self, our soul that communes and shares with the spiritual being that we and all that exists are a part or product of. Then we observe our thoughts and choose to embrace those that create the most beneficial and beautiful creations for our greater good. That includes what is the greater good for our individual human experiences. If you create more wealth for example for yourself you are creating more wealth you can share with others. Even if you didn’t stand on the corner giving it away you are sharing with others on many levels. Your happiness, your good fortune and your success is an inspiration to others. The other aspect and benefit to finding yourself first is that when you do become aware of your thoughts and choose responsibly what you create.
What do you do when you find your higher self through observation.. You create from that higher self with your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions the most beautiful life and things you could ever imagine. Create with love and compassion by listening to your higher self and passionately taking part in the adventure and game of life. Live with love after you learn to observe with love
Life is in my opinion the Super Bowl, The World Series, The Grand Prix the ultimate game and in it we are all Champions if we choose to get off the sidelines and play!
Thank you for being you and allowing me to express my opinion and thoughts. I am grateful and appreciate you and your presence here and in our world where ever you are. Thank you as well for being the positive change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with! 

Special request… The next page :) from my new book

Things started burning and the flames began to rise on of all days Thanksgiving, I was setting the table for dessert when the fire alarm went off its blaring screech started the eye opening process although I didn’t quite know it yet. I asked my daughter who was 13 at the time to bring the sugar bowl and creamer to the dining room table. It was not wrong for me to ask for her help, I rarely asked her to do anything hell I was rarely even home so I guess when she told me to wait as she was busy I snapped. I yelled so loud they heard my in town some three miles away. My guests were quite shocked as my voice echoed and the walls shook, not only at my reaction, also in reaction to my daughter’s rude response. All that were present were raised to do as they were told when they were asked by their parents. I would have gotten an immediate smack and a beating later if I ever told my parents to wait. My step daughter was the first to speak she was also the reason my daughter was busy (they were talking) she turned and said “You are an abusive as!@#%*e and need to go get help.” The family was divided at that point between my rights and choice of yelling and the rights of my daughter to be disrespectful. In my mind I was however asking if I was abusive.

The next day as I drove to work I decided to get help for my children, obviously they were not being raised properly. Since I was always working it was my former wife in my mind that was to blame. What could I do? I had no clue so I decided to ask for the help of a professional. I called several social workers from the yellow pages, not one of them answered yet they all had answering machines asking for a brief message regarding the issue and the promise of a return call. It took two days before Nancy returned my call; she was a Clinical Social Worker that specialized in children and family therapy.

In truth the greatest most beautiful renovation and valuable renovation I have ever undertaken began the moment I chose to make that phone call. My meetings with Nancy that were intended to help my kids actually lead me on a path of discovery to help me let me become a kid and eventually help my kids. Nancy actually never had a therapy session with my kids, they spent time with another therapist that however is another story. My meeting with Nancy was to be the biggest eye opening experience of my life so far. In fact that is where the story I wish to share begins…

In any major renovation the foundation is the most important part of the project. The foundation I would say is the most important part of any project. If the foundation is weak or in need of repair it is best to get that assessment done first. My time with Nancy taught me how to see my foundation, from the first meeting the cracks in my foundation showed and the wiring of my structure were exposed, for the first time so I could see them. The first hour with Nancy I shared with her my perceived issues with my children in regards to their disrespectful behavior and their seeming lack of care or concern for the material things they had in addition to their neglect of doing the few chores they were responsible for doing.

When Nancy said that I was the issue not my children I lost my composure even started to walk out dismissing her like my parents did when I was 13. My step dad’s words echoed in my head as I heard the bone jarring truth and felt the sting of the slap across my face that the words carried with them. “You are a quack all you psychologists are quacks this is all Bullsh!@$ I am not the one who is out of line my kid is. I am leaving and you are all idiots” I remember him saying after the social worker told him he was responsible for the way I behaved. I had taken the family car for a joy ride; I had done so a few times until one night a neighbor saw the car rolling down the driveway in the middle of the night and called my parents to say they had forgotten to set the parking brake. When I got home I didn’t want to take the beating I had coming so I called the police and asked them to take me to jail. They didn’t take me to jail however they did order an evaluation by a psychologist and family services. That experience left a bad impression tainting my young mind; it took many years before I would appreciate the fact that my step dad was in a sense “an idiot”.

“What the hell do you mean I am responsible for how they are acting” I asked? Nancy responded with a question that really set me on fire “do you read?” she asked.

“What the hell does that mean now you are insinuating that I am stupid? Of course I can read, just because I am a carpenter doesn’t mean I am illiterate.”I yelled! The walls reverberated with the aftershocks of my scream, she was visibly shaken as she responded carefully choosing her words. “I was asking if you were a regular reader in your free time, I was not trying to insult you. I was going to ask you to read a book and let me know if you wanted to continue seeing me. I will see your children after we have a few sessions and I get to understand their needs a little better if you want.”

What the heck.. I need a complete renovation!

I left Nancy’s office and went straight to Barnes and Noble to get the book she had recommended it was a book about parenting. I must say it made sense to read a book about parenting to help my kids. I had no idea where it would take me however as far as changing my life and perspective. At the same time I was working on getting my former wife Janet to see a marriage counselor with me. Janet agreed to do so as I had taken the steps to get help for my children and as she saw it” Nancy had put the blame on me for the kids” and she knew I was the problem in our marriage as well. She thought it would be awesome to see a therapist shred me in person.

Between my first appointment with Nancy and my second one I had arranged for a marriage counseling session with Carla. Carla I must say had indeed shredded me in our first session; I walked out feeling truly battered and in all honesty a little bit ashamed. She seemed to know every button to push in order to see my darker reactions. I took a bit of consolation in the fact that she was willing to help us work on our marriage. Taking a page from Nancy I had looked at the books on Carla’s shelf seeing a few of the titles I chose to make a trip to Barnes and Noble on the way home and pick a couple of them up. After all the book Nancy had recommended was a true eye opener and was already pointing the way to why I was responsible for my kids behavior. The books the marriage counselor’s shelves would be just as eye opening I had no doubt.

Parenting!!!! Was the root of my problem, not just the way I was parenting my kids, the way I was parented and my parents were parented was a major issue. I want to share something and make something perfectly clear at this point in my story.

” I am responsible for” who” I am, how I behave, as well as what I do and say!”

My parents did the best they knew how as they raised me, the key is what they knew. As it was with my parenting I had thought I knew what I was doing and never bothered to learn to be a good parent. I did as many people do decided that some of the things my parents did sucked and that I was going to do things different. I did do many things different yet I didn’t learn how to do things the best way for my kids. Just did things different, the things they did like grounding me for weeks at a time, hitting or even beating me, bed without dinner… Those things I would not do ever yet I did not do what would have been best for them and learn how to be a good parent.

The Introduction to my new book… Thoughts?

It is my intention to share a story about a renovation project that in the end became the most beautiful and valuable renovation project I have ever undertaken. The story I would like to share is about a not so typical renovation project. It is a story of a personal transformation or transmutation if you prefer from the man I was conditioned to be to the man I was meant to be.

The majority of my life I have spent being a carpenter. Other than building things from scratch most of the work a carpenter does is in the form of restoring things or renovating things. Such as homes for example, updating them and making them more modern to better serve the needs of the people that occupy or will occupy them. Sometimes a whole house needs to be redone for a number of reasons such as outdated wiring, plumbing, tile or other visual elements that are broken missing or just plain ugly by today’s standards. Often we look at the interior and decide that the walled off separation of the interior makes the space appear small and cramped. The lack of openness and a bright airy space can give a feeling of dark and musty to an environment.

I have extensive experience in the craft and trade being a carpenter for twenty five years most of those working in New York City. My projects as a Union Carpenter were varied and quite diverse especially in regards to the buildings the work was done in. The oldest structure I was given the honor to work on was also one of my favorite to have worked on. That would be West Point a piece of American History built during the American Revolution it opened in January 1778 as a fort with the intention of stopping the British Navy from advancing up the Hudson River. Today it is the U.S. Military Academy the fort itself is now the cadets dining hall. The materials used in the renovation were restored for the most part; new materials were incorporated in the renovation to bring the old fort up to code safety wise. The newest structures I worked on renovation wise were being renovated primarily just to adjust space to accommodate the needs of a particular business.

The renovation that I take the most pride in however was the most beautiful and valuable it was also one that did not require any physical building materials. It was for me the most challenging and longest renovation I have to date undertaken. The exterior was in good shape needing just a little work yet the interior was in need of a major overhaul. It was in such a state I didn’t know where to begin at first. I couldn’t even see the true condition as so many walls had been built. The foundation was the first place surveyed and although it looked stable it was crumbling from the weight of all the added weight and from the sub standard materials it was built with. The wiring was of a time when it was really just wire with the barest of insulation. It was from the days of old when you just used the minimum to make it work. The fires from that old wiring inspired better materials and protection methods to be created for those ever so important wires. The fixtures and windows were old and outdated as were the cabinets all from another time even as old as a few centuries although they served the purpose they were worn and ready to be replaced.

Funny now looking back I wonder how I ever lived with things the way they were, I know that through time many of those I loved didn’t accept the way they were. I suppose that was the inspiration for the renovation in the first place. I had no idea what I was walking into as I made the choice to renovate. It was a difficult choice to make, many of my friends and associates questioned why? As did some of my family members, those that mattered most to me, my children would be the best example and they helped make the choice to do so easier. It was in a way that my children were the eye opener showing me the ugly interior and the walls that had been built. My interactions with them revealing those walls that were closing off the open space, blocking the light in turn creating that dark musty environment. I am not a fan of dark and musty, I like open bright and airy spaces like those found in nature.

I guess it would be fair at this point to share a little about what I saw when I opened my eyes. I can’t share that without sharing what made me open them…
No not in a physical sense more in a metaphorical sense. One of the downsides of being a great carpenter is the amount of time that is expected by your employers and customers to be spent taking care of their projects and needs. I used the word” fire” as that was what” happened” in part due the wiring that was so old in my structure. That part of the wiring was actually from my youth taught to me by my father, grandpa, many men around me and most deeply by my step dad through their examples. They would work six or seven days a week, ten twelve hours a day to make enough money to just get by and put food on the table. In my heart of hearts as a man thought that was what it meant to love your family. Work hard and make the money, the more work the more money, the more love you were giving. I wanted to give my family more and make sure my children as well as my former wife had all the material things they could want and the things I as a child never had or had seen my mother or grandmother ever have. I worked and worked, not knowing each time I missed dinner, each time I missed a school project, a family function the wiring was heating up and after so many years sparks were beginning to fly and smoke began to appear through the cracks in the floor and walls.

Is religion an excuse to not be responsible for your spiritual growth?

I thought I would go way out of the box today in a way so to speak, and ask a question that may inspire some of you dear readers to ask a question.

Does religion limit your spirituality? Is it a crutch or an excuse to not be responsible for your spirituality or the nurturing of your spirituality?
Do you get your spirituality by reading a book, like the Bible or the Koran or the Torah? Do those books actually bring you to your soul within?
Have you looked within to find your soul or your higher self? If you have did you see and recognize your ego on the way?
Do you recognize the ego in your non acceptance of other religious beliefs? Beliefs are taught and can be transmuted over time and they can be distorted. Can we distort our souls?
Spirituality exists, it is not taught, egos are taught and conditioned by our existence our spirits are not. Love is not taught it is what it is, hate is learned and taught it is an ego based practice.
Just because the book says it is so do you ever question the book? What does your heart say?
Because your religion says it is the only way does that allow you to not be responsible for your individual actions?
You cannot tarnish your soul.. You can recognize it and embrace it, take guidance from it yet your ego can not tarnish it or harm it. It is the divine within and it loves you anyway in spite of your ego.
Do you hide behind your religion? The good book said.. What do you say?
If the good book wasn’t there for you to quote, what would you say about many of the issues in our world that plague humanity?
Most of the issues that plague humanity are brought about by religion! Does that make religion spiritual? Or do we base our religious beliefs and defend them because of our ego?
My dad is better than yours, nananana… My church is better than yours, na na na na na
I am not anti religious I am however responsible for my spiritual growth as a human being and wonder how many use their religious beliefs to avoid taking personal responsibility for their own spiritual growth…. After all the book says it all, what do I have to learn, all I have to do is read the book. The way to knowing your soul is to look for it within you! I commune with mine as I meditate and in turn I commune with all that exists as the divine is in all that exists it is part of my soul and yours…
Have you found your soul within?
Do you nurture your human self with the love of that soul?
Thank you for allowing me to share a few questions… I also wish to thank you for being you, you are quite amazing and I am grateful for your sharing your love and your smiles in doing so you are making our world a better place for all we share it with.


Do you meditate? Is not knowing how stopping you?


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit[1] or as an end in itself.[2]


I was inspired to share a few thoughts in regards to the practice of meditation. I have been teaching a few people as of late how to meditate. I personally did not learn to meditate until I was in my early 40’s although I had thought about it for many years, I didn’t know how. I had seen it done in many movies in which the Chinese Master and his students would sit in a particular fashion in silence or chanting as I had also seen the Hindu monks and Tibetan monks in movies or documentaries do the same. Legs all crossed and arms placed in a particular way fingers forming circles backs straight and well it seemed like a strict kind of thing. Meditation seemed like something that took training and years of practice to actually accomplish like it was a something only for monks and the holy.

Phooey! Not only Phooey, Hong Kong Phooey!

I was introduced to meditation the first time by a friend and a therapist her name was Nancy. She asked me one day as we talked about anger if I meditated, I was embarrassed as I said no, I don’t know how. She explained that it would help me with an issue I was dealing with.  I had learned a behavior in regards to dealing with anger and I as she put it needed an alternate plan. My examples growing up were not the best when it came to dealing with anger in fact they were quite destructive and violent. I have always been a compassionate and empathetic being that was not one to embrace violent reaction. Even though I would yell at times I tried to just suppress my anger. I swore a pact of non violence in my late twenties after years of being a tough guy and macho idiot.( I was raised to be a brawler and was at heart a lover!)

Meditation she said is easy, relax and be.. Picture your favorite place one where you go for peace and quiet. Imagine you are there. And just picture it peaceful and being there in peace. I asked if I should sit a particular way, hold my hands a special way what else should I do. She said just be comfortable and find that place… Easy! Well it was easy in a way yet did not bring me the satisfaction I thought I would get, yet what did I expect? I had never meditated before. I started to do some research on the subject and found the first big breakthrough for me was “Breathing”. I was introduced to a fact that changed meditation for me and took it to a new level. Breathing is a natural instinctive thing. It requires no thought, a quiet mind or no thought is the objective of spiritual meditation is to find inner peace or clarity for many practitioners of meditation on a spiritual level.

“Nirvana” “Wang Chung” Peace, perfect pitch, alignment, oneness… All require a quite mind; the easiest way to empty one’s mind of thoughts is to think about something that requires no thinking. Breathing is an instinctual operation, when you concentrate your thoughts on breathing; your mind is now in a place it rarely goes, in fact it would not go there at all most likely if you didn’t take it there. In doing so you are quieting your mind from its state of random thoughts by focusing on an instinctual operation, like throwing a curve ball in a way. As you focus and observe your breathing it is for many an easy way to relax and transition into the meditative state of an empty mind. An empty mind is a clear mind, clarity, silence and peace, a state in which one may hear and be at one with their inner self, the higher self that hears the thoughts and hears the universe. When you are in meditation like that you can go anywhere you choose and find what my friend tried to teach me.

There are many forms and styles of meditation find the one that works best for you and serves your purpose. Some people I know don’t like the stillness of a sitting silent meditation and prefer a walking meditation, or perhaps the practices of Yoga, Tai Chi or Qui Gong.

The truth is whatever way you choose is the way that is best for you. I feel that any type of meditation is awesome and brings you closer to the divine and all of us closer to the love we all wish for our collective humanity and our earth. Meditation brings you into the present moment the here and now in the most beautiful way. If you want to start just start, if you need help remember to just breathe! Or call me and I will be more than happy to hold your hand as you take those first steps!

Thank you for your time and allowing me to share a thought or two. Mediation is the greatest gift you can share with yourself! Thank you for being you and sharing your love and smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with! 


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Daily Reflection and Peace

Tseng Tzu said, ‘Every day I examine myself on three counts. In what I have undertaken on another’s behalf, have I failed to do my best? In my dealings with my friends have I failed to be trustworthy in what I say? Have I passed on to others anything that I have not tried out myself?’

Do you think about your day and what affect your day had on who you are as well as how you may have affected others?

I added a fourth count in my daily reflection that actually supersedes the three shared by Tseng Tzu… Have I done the best I can to be my true self with love and dignity in regards to my higher self as it is who I truly am.

I also wish to share a thought about the meditation for peace that was held globally on Friday, I am not sure if a billion people participated. I know that many did, it was quite an amazing energy I personally felt as I joined with the millions who participated in the IAMPEACE Global Meditation for Peace sponsored by the Chopra Center, Unify and 1GiantMind. Thank you for the gift of participating with you all!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two. I also wish to thank you for being you, you are truly amazing. Thank you as well for being the change our world so needs as you share your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with 


Windows, lucidity and inner truth



Windows have been in my thoughts lately; there are many sayings and thoughts expressed about windows. I was contemplating and thinking about some advice I got from an Ancient Chinese divination method I use as a learning tool. It became clear after a couple of days and the events of the last couple of days that a window was the answer to the answer or how I may learn and become more “enlightened” so to speak. Our eyes are our windows! Open the blinds open the curtains and let the light shine in. 

enlightened (ɪnˈlaɪt ə nd)

— adj
1. factually well-informed, tolerant of alternative opinions, and guided by rational thought: an enlightened administration ; enlightened self-interest
2. privy to or claiming a sense of spiritual or religious revelation of truth: the search for an enlightened spiritual master

The passage or verse I had drawn was quite inspirational, and over a couple of days it took a new form and meaning for me on a personal level.

“If we wish to enlighten someone we must first begin with what is lucid then the light may enter from which we may learn.”

I have been doing much inner work over the last seven or so years of my life, in order to learn who I am, as well as my purpose for being here. We all I would think at times ask the question of ourselves what am I here for or what is this what life is really about why do they have that and I have this?

The Gurus and religious institutions all share answers, there are many who say that we have the answers within us, to those questions and many more we may find ourselves asking. As I observed my thoughts and reflected on my life in the spirit of the verse I had drawn I pondered the relevance. The only one I wish to enlighten is me why did I draw this and how is it relevant? Windows are the portals or the link to our teachers. I was being inspired to open my eyes and let the light shine in.

Windows… The window is lucid; transparent the light shines through the window. What is outside of the window? The teachers that share with us the knowledge of how to find the answers within, nature, people, our earth, our universe etc. the light from which we may learn teachers are what is outside the window. We all have our own perspectives and truths those are contained within us and found as we learn from our teachers as we ask the questions of our teachers and receive answers we in turn begin to learn and find our own truths. Some answers we get we just know are wrong at least for us, many of those answers for me have been given by religious institutions. I also would say many of those answers were given or as is often the case avoided by my family and friends.” Why? Because I said so that’s why” is an awesome example of avoidance shared by my parents. Those kinds of answers are in a way the best as they allow me to find my own inner truth without their influence. Perhaps they don’t know why and that was the answer my grandparents gave them… I chose to find an answer rather than avoid the question or discomfort the answer may bring.

The eyes are the windows of the soul… Yes I am inclined to believe that, they allow us to see into the world and universe in a very beautiful way letting the light shine in. Like a window you can see out of them and inside of them. Seeing inside of the window those teachers taught me to look within and find the answers to the questions I would ask. Looking inside myself I have been finding the answers to the questions I have been asking. I close my eyes and see inside much like when I shut the blinds and close the drapes I see inside my house. The light inside shines, when I light the lantern, or turn on the lights, much like when I embrace the lessons and then know my answers. I find my inner truth when I close my eyes and meditate that light then shines down and radiates it energy through my being.

Windows… What a beautiful creation, what do you see outside when you look through the window? What do you see when the curtains are drawn? What do others see when they look in your windows? I see a beautiful human being!!! Thank you all for being you, I hope you take the time to appreciate the beauty and the lessons we may learn from our teachers on the other side of the window. Both side of the window lead us to the light from which we may learn.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I realize that some of the things I share are just to get out what I have learned or gleaned through personal experiences. I suppose I do so in hopes that it will help someone in some way or perhaps just to bring a smile to someone that may need one. I would say that at times I share what I do to inspire thought and self reflection in order to help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Thank you for being you and making our world a better place by sharing your love and your smiles making it a better place for all we share it with.  I hope you take the time to enjoy both sides of the window!