Success? Subjective or objective?

Sometimes in life I have wondered if I was a success, I know I am yet success is such an objective word.

noun \sək-ˈses\
: the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect, or fame
: the correct or desired result of an attempt
: someone or something that is successful : a person or thing that succeeds


The definition doesn’t necessarily express what is success in some terms such as is a homeless person or can a homeless person be a success? What about a poet that wrote a poem and invested money in frames and various printed versions of that poem and didn’t sell any yet the poem was read by 6,000 people? Or an artist that put a painting in an auction and sold it yet barely covered the costs of the materials used to create the art?
I sold a painting I had put much time effort and heart into I had listed it on eBay, it was the first experience I had in doing so and listed it for a minimum bid that was less than it cost to produce. The suggested price for a beginning bid was .99 cents I chose 10 dollars yet felt I should have started at 40. It was an auction however and I had imagined various people bidding on the painting and making a profit, it was a very beautiful and inspirational painting.
The last day of the auction with no bids submitted a lady put in the minimum bid and bought the painting. I had sold the painting my second painting I had ever sold, I was happy to have sold it yet questioned was it a success, after all the canvas it was painted on had cost me 7 dollars and the paints perhaps another 5 not to mention the time and the heart that had been put into creating it. I was successful however in selling a painting and that made me smile. I was not so successful at making a profit or was I?
The lady that had bought the painting was a very special and beautiful lady that I am fortunate to call my friend. I had met her seven or so years ago on “MySpace” a social networking site I used to use mostly to meet women I would date. I was attracted to her and had the thought of asking her to date me. I learned however that she had brain tumors and cancer, I was not in a position nor did I have the desire to pursue a relationship with her for those reasons. I was not sure how to deal with those kinds of issues and although I liked her and admired her I was not ready for such a relationship. She has gone through much in the last seven years and has come a long way as far as her health is concerned. She has a beautiful daughter from her marriage that ended with her getting cancer as her former husband walked away.
She chose to remain my friend over the years in spite of my weakness, she saw the painting when I listed it and shared the link on FaceBook . She commented within minutes how she loved the painting and that I should charge more for shipping. She also had commented on how much she loved another of the paintings I had listed. When she bought the painting I wrote her a note and expressed my gratitude for her buying it even if I had not made a profit I was happy she had bought it and I hoped she would enjoy having it in her home. She wrote me back and her note made me realize I had in fact profited in a way far more that any money could have given.
She wrote me expressing how the painting was inspiration to her in a very deep way as she struggled to get a home for her and her daughter. The comfort and peace she felt when she saw the painting was one she truly cherished, she mentioned that she had wanted to buy the other painting as she loved it yet it was more important to buy her daughter some shoes. Tears fell down my cheek as I thought about when I had first met her and what she had been through since then. Her struggles and raising her daughter with the lack of solid support in some ways, what she must have experienced and learned in the spiritual sense to have the strength and courage to do so. I knew that that painting had somehow found its way to where it belongs.
When I painted the painting I had not painted it for money, I had painted it as I was inspired to do so and it was painted with love from my heart. As an artist, poet, writer and a creative being it is the hope while creating that others will be inspired or appreciate and enjoy those creations that are created. I took a look at what success meant to me and I would have to say that if I brought one smile with something I created beyond my own smile I am a success in sharing my heart and my love of creating. I looked at the poem I had not sold a copy of as it soared past the 6000 mark in views and smiled deeply from my soul. I knew many that had read it perhaps had no money to buy a gift for their daughters and perhaps printed that poem and gave it to their daughters framed or unframed to express their love in such a beautiful way… I have profited far more again than money could give as the treasures in my heart and the hearts of those that shared as well as those shared with smile and love deeply the sentiments expressed.
I put the second painting that my friend had wanted to buy in the box with the one she bought it should be hers as well and was the first painting I ever finished it deserves a place in a loving home. I hope she truly smiles and feels the love I share as I feel the love of who she is and her heart of gold. I wish I could have bought her daughter some shoes as well… I wish her and her daughter the best and will be a better friend in the future although we are not meant to be a couple she is my friend for life and I am honored she allows me to be so.
Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile. I would love to hear your thoughts as far as what success means to you… Thank you all for being the change positive our world so needs by sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better place for all we share it with. 

Warm embrace… A poem

A hug is a gift

Warm and cozy

A hug is a gift

Makes me feel rosy

A hug is a gift

That costs nothing

A hug is a gift

It is something

A hug is a gift

I can give

A hug is a gift

Makes it nice to live

A hug is a gift

From your mother

A hug is a gift

With your lover or brother

A hug is a gift

Shared with another

A hug is a gift

We all need

A hug is a gift

I sure could use

A hug is a gift

I share with you

I wanted to express a thought or two, as I reflected on the last two days my life it seems is so beautiful in so many ways.


G. T. Reynolds, I am going to go out on a limb and say many of the people on this earth have not heard of him. G.T. is a very beautiful human being, at 86 years he has seen much and lived a truly amazing life. His wife died some time back, he retired from his many jobs one of them being as a religious leader in his church. I met G.T. as he cleaned the parking lot and grounds of a church near where I am staying at the moment. I went over to the church as he cleaned the parking lot just to say hi and thank you for doing such a beautiful thing for the church and for the earth.

We started talking and I listened as he shared the thought that he was saving the church money by doing this service and he was doing something to help the community as well as himself by keeping busy. He explained that at his age nobody wanted him to do anything nor did they want him to be a part of the business they did even though he truly wanted to work and be productive. He told me of his youth and becoming a Marine, I shared some stories as did he about our time in the military, basic training and the like and he shared some stories of the Korean War he took part in and the reality of war.


As we talked religion became the focus of his thoughts and he was as his religion dictates trying to convert me to his perception of the only true church and his faith that Jesus was the only path to heaven in all of its glory and the kingdoms there of. As he shared his thoughts I listened with an open mind and shared my thoughts in return regarding his religion in the most loving way I knew how. I asked him what was going to happen to the other 7.5 billion of us?


What happened next as he took off his glove to shake my hand and leave was in my heart a miracle of sorts. We had been looking each other in the eye as we talked for an hour or two he knew my family was very prominent in his church he also knew I chose not to be a member and why. For the first time in my life I knew as a human being that my friend G.T. knew the beauty of my soul as I knew his. We looked each other in the eye and he asked did I know him and what did I see, A single tear flowed down both of our cheeks as I said I see me as you see you, he reached out his arms and we hugged as he said “I love you” and I said  “I love you too’.


I sat earlier today thinking about how beautiful that hug was and the sentiment behind it, recalling the times in my life when such a powerful man had given me such a hug. The truth is many men have hugged me, from G.T. to a big burley Harley riding preacher to my sons and many in between. There are two men however that I never got to share such a gift with, three if you count my father, my step dad and my grandfather make the three. I hadn’t realized that my grandpa never shared a hug with me until recently when my brother shed a tear over a memory from his childhood. He needed a hug at a time when we had no man in our lives other than our grandpa, my brother went to give him a hug and was pushed away, men don’t hug men he told him. I suppose I never thought about it till my brother and I shared a hug after the conversation.

I have not had a hug in some time until my hug with G.T. and had been longing for a hug from a woman and the comfortable feeling that comes from that embrace. I got a gift that gave me a lifetimes worth of warmth and comfort when I looked into the eyes and embraced my dear friend G.T. Reynolds, Marine, father, great grandfather, grandfather man and beautiful human being, as well as the soul and spirit that he shares with me. Thank you Universe for sharing such a beautiful gift with me.

I thank you all for allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile, as I learn a deeper love of who I am and who you are I wanted to share a hug of sorts thus the poetic expression of the gift a hug is to me. I also wanted to share the gift of an 86 year old man that is absolutely amazing and the gift of sharing with such a wise and beautiful being. I also want to say thank you all for sharing your love and your smiles, they are truly as are you making our world a better place for all we share it with. Than k you for being the change positive our world needs. J Joe

Dee… A poem and a story

You called my name when you were in pain

Your heart all but broken the tears made it plain

I wondered as the tears they fell

Like a downpour a heavy falling rain


Many you have loved and watched them walk away

The ones you cared for deeply are married to someone else

One on this very day

The gift you always wanted for which you often prayed


You cried your tears of sorrow expressed you dismay

Told me you were unworthy and ugly what terrible things to say

I listened with love as you shared your thoughts in your hurt way

Waiting for your tears to wash it all away


I asked when you had started to slow down

What is that you see

 why is it that you called

and shared these tears with me


You are a beautiful woman

 it what is inside that counts

even if you are not like a supermodel

 weighing less than an ounce


You are far from ugly and more than worthy

I asked you to look in the mirror

Then tell me what you see

I see the beautiful woman that you have grown to be


It is an honor you share when you were feeling hurt and all alone

That you chose to see you when you called me on the phone

The soul you have inside you so brightly it has shown

Mirrored in the love of the soul I call my own


Thank you Dee for calling my name when you were in pain

I hope that you don’t feel that way again

I hope you remember beauty is quite often found in the rain

Your soul is beautiful love always there remains

I choose to share a thought or two and in this instance I am just going to say what I have to say in the best way I know how. Recently I have been given what to me are some of the highest honors and compliments a simple man like me can be given. I share this post to express the sincere feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the gift of friendship and love I have been given by some very beautiful people. Love is the highest of honor one can share with another there is no golden medal or pile of money that reaches my soul in such a way as having a friend call or express how much my being there or the words I have shared have helped them in some way. One of those gift was a phone call from a friend.

Dee is a beautiful young lady 37 years old, she battles low self esteem and weight issues often make her question herself as well as hurt herself. My friend has done much work on herself and come far in realizing who she really is,” a spiritual being having a human experience” is how she views her life. She has taken many courses and spent much time learning who she is,  she is a martial arts instructor as well as a spiritual adviser and medium. One of the few people I know personally that truly embraces the inner truth of spirit.

Dee was having a rough few days as she watched her “facebook feed” seeing some of the men she had dated and loved that had walked away. One of those feeds hit her especially hard her last boyfriend and lover left her saying he was not ready for a real relationship and was interested in a casual sex kind of thing. A month later he was announcing his engagement to his new girlfriend, as well as introducing her to the world in a picture of them as a couple on facebook. She was a year older than Dee and as my beautiful friend put it.. she was very beautiful had a gorgeous body and was everything that she wanted to be.

As Dee cried and slammed herself for her physical body expressed her lack of worthiness and her feeling of ugliness I listened not believing these words were coming out of her mouth. After an hour of her letting it out and letting the tears fall I shared with her my thoughts. I asked her why she called me of all people, she is basically a social worker and has many friends and support mechanisms. She paused as I expressed my love and my knowing who she was.. Dee knows that truth as I reminded her that the most beautiful woman grows old and the beauty of her physical form fades. She expressed she knew that yet she did not match her inner beauty and her outer beauty were not the same and how she kept getting dumped by men she really wanted to be with because she was overweight and ugly. She expressed that every former boyfriend was married or about to be and she felt so unworthy. I reminded her that such a superficial man and relationship would not make her happy anyway.

The twist.. I asked her what about me? We dated I am quite single are you calling me to make a statement? Her response was priceless.. She said I called you because” I know you love me and you remind me of how beautiful I am. I know many people that would say the right words and wipe my tears. I know on this world only a hand full of people that know their self and only one I could call to see the mirror of me. I knew you would ask me to look inside at myself to see the beauty of who I am.”

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two, I chose to share and express sometimes just being who we are is the greatest gift we can share. That smile or that comment can change and effect the life of another that so truly needs a bit of pure from the heart appreciation and love. My smile as broken as it is at the moment was all my friend needed to see the beauty of her own. Thank you for sharing your smiles and your love making our world a better place for all we share it with.

400 days… A poeticly expressed sentiment.

400 days since you walked away,

 feeling like I was meant to be alone,

not to have a loving home

 the rest of my time to roam,

 or roll like a rolling stone.

 Although the time has past, my love will always last until the end of time

 forever etched in my mind

 the words I can not find to express what’s on my mind.


400 days I looked inside

 questioned my foolish pride,

 with every tear I cried the pain began to subside.

 Although no longer with you I reside,

 I feel you deep inside, a truth I can not hide.

 I told myself 400 days ago

 that’s the way it is just let it go,

 the love I have so deep in my very soul for you

 says to leave it be is best for you,

 even if it isn’t what I want to do.


 Happiness is what I want for you; I must do what I have to do, even if it hurts,

 to hurt you would be worse.

400 days of loneliness, longing for the tenderness

, feelings of despair repressed believing you would say,

sorry I walked away.

 The words I longed to hear from you,

 to know your love was true.

 the words I forgive you, sang in my heart so blue,

 I believed your heart sang them too.


400 days have past I have given up at last numb

lost all hope of ever hearing your voice, accepting your choice.

 400 days have taken their toll,

 the only thing saving me my soul, has helped me let go,

 your walking away helped me grow in a way you will never know.


400 days since you walked away,

 I am finally ready to say… i love you and its okay!


I am ready for a love that will stay, one that won’t walk away

 the love I found deep in my soul 400 days in a row.

Tears no longer flow, as the smile begins to grow

 a gift of grace from my soul

 one that you will never see,

 the beautiful smile on me

 400 days after you walked away from me.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts in an artistic way. I was asked by a dear friend why I chose to express myself in such a way. I had expressed that when I feel a powerful thought or feeling I choose to share it from my heart in a loving and beautiful way. Not being one that has learned colorful expression I do the best I can to share in a non vulgar way. I am from a family of farmers and construction workers that didn’t learn to express their thoughts or feelings as men and rather than speak from their hearts they embraced the crude and vulgar ways of old. I choose to evolve and grow in a positive way leaving the vulgar and base behind expressing from both my heart and mind in a loving way that is kind. Even the negatives in our lives are positives if we change our perspectives and our attitudes. At least that is my feeling and I believe that poetic expression even basic or crudely expressed has a softer more beautiful effect on me as a human being and a writer.

Thank you for sharing with me your time in reading my posts and the smiles you share by doing so. I also wish to say thank you for being the change positive in our world sharing your love and your smiles making our world a better and more beautiful place for all we share it with. J Thank you! Peace!

Forget me not… A poem and a painting


Forget me not… A painting and a poem by Joe Bradshaw

Forget me not when I am not there

There is a place we shall forever share

Deep in my heart and in my prayers


Even though you are not here

 In my heart I hold you dear

even though I have not

 seen you in over a year


Love they say is letting go

Let go I have, just dreams remain

I love you in my heart just the same


                                                                     Forget me not

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and express myself in an artistic way. The painting was for a young lady and the poem a beautiful Queen I have not forgot. I have accepted and have great love in my humble and grateful heart.

I hope we can all share a smile share some love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. :) Thank you again for your time and your smiles and making our world a more positive and beautiful place.

What broken promises hide

Promises broken often perceived as lies

Anguish, painfully battering our selfish pride

Ripped open is the heart to reveal a gift inside


A twist of fate a chance we take

To grow with love or fail with hate

As we dwell in thoughts that resonate


Pride crushed and battered

Fleeting feelings that all is shattered

The promises broken taking all that mattered


The wound so wide nowhere to hide

Gaping hole large and deep exposing all inside

Emotions overwhelming feeling something died


Deep within the flowing sea

A chance to be truly set free

The chance to find who you are to be


At the point of give and take

The time to pick the choice you make

You deal the cards and draw your fate


The golden gift is inside you see

Choose love not hate and be free

Put away the pride find dignity


Promises broken perceived as lies

Revealing what within hides

Love with your soul and rise


If inside your thoughts you find

Love and being kind resides in your mind

You  have tranquility, love and sublimity divine


JB 2013


I thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two in an artful form of self expression. We have all been hurt by another’s promise broken, sometimes both side share words that perhaps should not have been spoken. I have found as I have been hurt that forgiveness is the way to heal, the path to love and the gift if you look deep is ones dignity as given a gift divine. Pride is a product of ego, perhaps not a bad thing yet with pride you place yourself above others and with dignity you stand side by side. If you embrace pride you embrace shame, if you embrace dignity there is no shame for in dignity we are all the same.

I hope we can all share a smile and some love and make our world a better place for all we share it with, please choose love and not hate. Share your love and change our planets fate. I appreciate the love and thoughts as well as the smile we share thank you for sharing them.

Never Give up your Dreams… A reminder from a sweet friend.

I wanted to share some love as I am so loved and have such beautiful friends that share so much with me. I briefly questioned myself recently and was given some great gifts of love as well as some very great reminders as to who and what I am. I am a being of love and inspiration the very products that have shaped me and helped me become the beautiful human being I am as are we all.

I am not one that watches much TV any more and rarely do I watch reality TV so for me the following story was new and as the tears fell with the massage shared as my friend reached out to me I had to once and for all embrace all of the gifts I have been given and be happy and grateful for who I am. I am built for chasing my dreams as are we all, I also have the friends and strength through the life of love I have shared and had shared with me to live those dreams.

There are many inspirational videos out there and many dreamers who have reached for the stars. This one along with the many shared with me out of love and friends wanting for me to succeed knowing at heart I would never give up I had to share. I am so fortunate and grateful for the blessings and the gifts I have and this Video is one of the gifts I share as it is shared with all of us as a gift of love, in the deeper sense. I share my tears of love as I say thank you Dee for sharing the love of Australia, the world and Emmanuel Kelly with me, thank you Emmanuel for reaching for the stars and sharing your loving inspiration with our world!



Please share a smile share your love, follow your dreams and help make our world a better place for all we share it with. :) ♥ Joe